This weekend, we have the touching, funny, and thought-provoking coming-of-age story Punch as our DramaFever Movie Night. Yoo Ah In plays the "rebel without a cause" type who has to learn to accept unconventional mentorship from his teacher Kim Yoon Suk, who attempts to help him navigate the challenges of coming from a poor and broken family. Let's take a look! 


After his mother walked out on him as a baby, Do Wan Deuk (Yoo Ah In) was raised by his father and uncle, both of whom are former cabaret clowns. Aimless and angry, Wan Deuk channels his aggression into boxing, while his father and uncle hit the road in search of opportunities. But just when Wan Deuk thinks the world has given up on him, he is temporarily placed in the care of his complicated high school teacher Lee Dong Joo (Kim Yoon Suk), who unlocks the key to his past—and future.



I can never resist Yoo Ah In in the bad-boy-with-a-good-heart role! Tune in HERE on Saturday, November 8th for the premiere!