For this week's DramaFever Movie night movie, we present to you the historical film The Face Reader! Starring Song Kang HoLee Jung Jae, Baek Yoon Shik, Jo Jung Suk, Lee Jong Suk and Kim Hye SooThe Face Reader was the inspiration for the new historical drama The King's Face and is about a man who uses the art of physiognomy to help a king gain power. Let's take a look! 


Nae Kyung (Song Kang Ho) makes a name for himself as a master of physiognomy — the art of interpreting faces — and inadvertently becomes the key to one of the greatest power struggles in Joseon history. Following the suspected murder of King Munjong, Nae Kyung is summoned to use his powers of deduction to solve the conspiracy, one which may result in more deaths of royal proportions. Faced against treacherous Prince Sooyang (Lee Jung Jae), can he prove appearances can be deceiving? 


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