This week's DramaFever movie night is an intense and gritty drama about how far corrupted government officials will go to shift the blame away from themselves and onto the innocent. Starring incredible actors Hwang Jung Min (Ode to My Father, Veteran) and Ryu Seung BumThe Unjust is a movie everyone interested in understanding modern Korean society should watch.


When South Korea is spooked by a series of child murders, the police decide to throw the book at a scapegoat. Cheol Gi (Hwang Jung Min) and Jang Suk Gu (Yu Hae Jin)—a dirty cop and a gangster—partner up to frame a businessman, who happens to sponsor Joo Yang (Ryoo Seung Bum), a prominent prosecutor with the power to expose the corrupt police operation.




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The Unjust

Starring Hwang Jung Min and Ryu Seung Bum

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