In this week's DramaFever Movie Night, we bring you a suspense thriller that proves what you don’t see is often just as dangerous as what you do. Starring Yang Mi (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms) and former EXO member, Lu HanThe Witness is just the thrilling end to what's been an exciting week. Take a look!


Lu Xiaoxing (Yang Mi) is a blind police officer who lost her brother three years ago in an accident. Since that fateful day, that took both her brother and her eyesight, Xiaoxing hasn’t been able to convince her boss to work with the department again. One day, while returning from her family’s old home to her own apartment, the officer gets in a taxi and realizes something very wrong is about to happen. A moment’s distraction causes an accident and allows Xiaoxing to escape. When she takes her report to Police Captain Lu (Wang Jingchun), her superior who still doubts her ability to recognize people now that she no longer has her eyesight, he reluctantly agrees to help her. From the posters they put up throughout the city to find the taxi driver, brash and rude teenager Linchong (Lu Han) comes forward, claiming he is a witness to the accident involving the mystery driver and Xiaoxing. While they don’t initially believe him, particularly because his statements contradict the officer’s, Xiaoxing and Captain Lu start to take the teenager seriously when he too is nearly killed. And when the captain realizes that the man who attempted to kill both Xiaoxing and Linchong is likely the same criminal responsible for a series of women disappearing in the city, it becomes Xiaoxing’s most personal case to date. Can the boy who saw too much and the officer who sees too little work together to bring down a man whose evil the world has been blind to, or will they be the witnesses to their own demise?



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