If you're looking for a suspenseful thrill this weekend, then hot, talented actors Im Soo JungJo Jung Suk, and Lee Jin Wook deliver in the hit film Time Renegades


Ji Hwan (Jo Jung Suk from Jealousy Incarnate) is a music teacher. He is about to marry his longtime girlfriend, science teacher Yoon Jung (Im Soo Jung from Finding Mr. Destiny). He gets stabbed by a pickpocket. The day is December 31, 1982. Gun Woo (Lee Jin Wook from Three Musketeers) is a detective. He meets and immediately falls for high school teacher So Eun (also Im Soo Jung). He gets shot during a chase. The day is December 31, 2014.

Both men are taken to a nearby hospital. They barely survive. They wake up in the same place, in the same hospital, thirty years apart. Ji Hwan and Gun Woo start seeing visions. Their dreams now show glimpses into each other's lives. They soon realize that the women they love greatly resemble each other. And they also realize that, in both realities, the women they love are in grave danger. Because, as Gun Woo's detective work quickly shows him, Ji Hwan's girlfriend was killed in 1983.Now they must use each other's visions to find out how they can save the women they love.

And in their worlds, there are many, many suspects. Kang Seung Bum (Lee Min Ho from Prime Minister and I) is a student who doesn't seem all that innocent, Hyung Chul (Jung Wung In from Yong Pal) is a petty thief, and an unnamed biology teacher (Jun Shin Hwan) is a little too interested in Yoon Jung. And for Gun Woo, he has a sidekick in Detective Lee (Lee Ki Woo from Late Night Restaurant) and Detective Kang (Jung Jin Yung from Angel Eyes), a disturbing new commander still reeling from the murder of his wife many years ago.

Amidst all these unknown and often unnamed faces, it's a race against time to figure out who the murderer is. But is a race against time even possible when the flow of time isn't obeying its own rules?

Time Renegades is a suspense thriller from veteran director Kwak Jae Yung, most famous for the modern classic My Sassy Girl. It was released on April 13, 2016 and includes writing work by Yung, Go Jung Woon and dramatization by Lee Sang Hyun (Salut D'Amour). Upon initial release, the film was praised by critics for its technical prowess and fast-paced action, and the easy chemistry between the two male leads and Imm Soo Jung.


This film is going to be so intense!

Posted by DramaFever on Friday, March 24, 2017


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Time Renegades

Starring Im Soo Jung and Jo Jung Suk

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