If you've been missing Prince of Lan Ling's Feng Shao Feng, you're in luck because this week's DramaFever Movie Night is White Vengeance, a Chinese historical starring the incredibly handsome Feng, Leon Lai, and Liu Yi Fei. Let's take a look! 


Based on the true events of the Qin Dynasty's downfall, two sworn brothers, Liu Bang (Leon Lai) and Xiang Yu (Feng Shao Feng), rise as rebel leaders as the nation falls into chaos. But when King Huai of Chu conspires to bring them down with a mission built for betrayal, Bang and Yu ruthlessly contend against one another for supremacy and for the love of Yu Ji (Liu Yi Fei), leading up to an epic showdown at the Feast of Hong Gate — the infamous event responsible for the birth of the Han Dynasty. 



Doesn't the cinematography look beautiful? Not to mention the actors! Will you be watching tonight? 

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