Adapted from Masayuki Ishikawa's comedic popular manga, Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture is now a brand new live-action TV show. Every Thursday, a new episode will be on DramaFever just hours after its broadcast in Japan. Moyashimon is DramaFever's first title with new content partner FUNimation. The story follows college student Tadayasu Sawaki (played by Nakamura Yuichi), the second son of a miso fermenter. He enters the University of Agriculture in Tokyo and soon learns that he can see microorganisms appearing to him as strange characters. Not only that, but he can communicate with the bacteria around him. With its funny take on an unusual superpower, Moyashimon, the manga, has been publishing since 2004. The animated version hit the airwaves in 2007, and Moyashimon continues to grow in popularity with the live action in 2010. Featuring music by Tamurapan and SEAMO. Stay tuned every week as a new episode of Moyashimon premieres on DramaFever, every Thursday, just hours after the original Japanese broadcast! Watch MOYASHIMON on DramaFever now!