Ed. note: We hope you enjoyed our April Fool's Day joke! We're keeping the story here for posterity. Want to see last year's joke? Click here.

As part of our continuing efforts to maximize feels, DramaFever is happy to announce that we will be replacing all subtitles with emoji. We hope you’ll join us in saying goodbye to English, Spanish, Chinese and other inefficient languages, and embrace the future universal language of emoji.

Like all revolutionary ideas, it took some people by surprise. Our professional translators had to be retrained to delete subtitles from hundreds of series and thousands of episodes of the world’s best dramas, comedies, movies and children’s programming.

To guide “Operation Emo,” we hired Claire Lew, a self-proclaimed expert in emoji who immersed herself in the language for nearly three years. Asked to comment on DramaFever’s paradigm-shifting all-emoji platform, Lew responded “:P.”

Welcome to the future of online video! Get a taste of what’s coming starting April 1 in the video below: