Each week, DramaFever staff choose one of their favorite dramas to write about, and we offer the first episode ad-free for two days. Our Staff Pick this week was written by our Marketing Manager Steven Corsello.

Hankering for some Lee Min Ho awesomeness? Start with City Hunter. Rewind the clock to 2012, pre-Heirs–an important stop on Lee Min Ho’s hair journey–and watch one of our favorite male leads juggle an adorable relationship episodes in the making, a bloodthirsty (literally) step-father, a giant bank account, and a moralistic crusading day job, targeting corrupt government officials responsible for his real father’s death. It sounds exhausting–but Lee Min Ho pulls it off effortlessly.

Lee Min Ho plays Lee Yoon Sung, the son of an elite soldier in the South Korean military, left fatherless after an aborted secret mission into North Korea; retaliation for a terror attack that took the lives of several high ranking South Korean government officials. The lone survivor, Lee Jin Pyo, returns to South Korea, vowing to take revenge for the betrayal of his comrades and kidnaps Lee Yoon Sung, then an infant. After amassing an ill-gotten fortune, Lee Jin Pyo sends Lee Yoon Sung back to South Korea to destroy the men who betrayed his unit, but Yoon Sung quickly develops his own methods, earning the nickname "City Hunter."

If that isn’t enough to make you want to jump head first into episode one, here are three more reasons to watch: 

1. An amazing female lead. 

Park Min Young goes toe-to-toe with Lee Min Ho from beginning to end, giving a performance that shifts almost seamlessly from totally cute to deadly to cool and calculated. Unlike Lee Min Ho’s character, Park Min Young’s Na Na is on her own after a car crash kills her mother and leaves her father in a coma. She manages to hold onto her family’s home, though just barely, while fighting her way into the secret service where she crosses paths with Lee Min Ho.


2. A supporting cast that pushes and pulls the drama in a number of directions, making twenty episodes fly by without derailing the narrative. 

Lee Joon Hyuk, Kim Sang Joong, and Lee Kwang Soo, to name a few, turn in unfailingly entertaining performances, often serving as a counterweight to the heavy and deeply sad challenges many of the characters face. 

3. Lee Min Ho is a dreamboat. 


City Hunter is the Swiss Army knife of dramas, hitting a number of sweet spots without losing steam or turning into a collage.

As part of DramaFever’s Staff Selection of the week, until June 17th, we’re taking off all commercials on the first episode. Happy marathoning! 


City Hunter

Starring Lee Min Ho (Heirs) and Park Min Young

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