There's nothing more satisfying than watching a character undergo a makeover of both body and soul, and that's why Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ho's drama Personal Taste is a classic that no K-drama connoisseur should miss! This week's DramaFever Staff Pick is the hilarious, dramatic, and inspiring drama Personal Taste. Here's why: 

1. Passionate Romance Scenes

Personal Taste is probably best-known for the hot chemistry between the two leads and their superbly passionate kiss scenes. The "Game Over Kiss" will forever go down in the annals of K-drama history as one of the most intense, seductive, and powerful kisses of all time. If you sometimes find physical relationships in K-dramas to be a little lackluster or awkward, this drama will blow you away with its unbridled passion! 

2. Real Character Growth

Lest it seem like this drama is only about physical relationships, the real heart of the drama is about characters changing and growing into better people who love themselves and others more. Kae In (Son Ye Jin) starts out as an awkward, sloppy, and insecure woman who doesn't know how to stand up for herself to the people who she should be able to trust the most. 

Enter Jin Ho (Lee Min Ho), an intelligent and driven architect, who is in the habit of manipulating situations to serve himself. He has his eye on winning a bid to design a new art museum, and it just so happens that the director's favorite architect build Kae In's house, which has never been open to the public. In order to gain information about the home and get the upper hand for his business, he leads Kae In to believe that he is gay and applies to be her roommate. 

When he finds out that Kae In was left by her boyfriend who cheated on her with her best friend, Jin Ho tells her that the best revenge is to become a better person and make him jealous. Then begins the process of making over both her style and her confidence. 

As he helps her claim her hidden physical and emotional beauty, his most fervent wish becomes for her to understand her true worth, and their budding friendship turns into passionate love. But can their relationship overcome its foundation of lies?

3. Hilarious and Heartwarming Moments

Personal Taste excels at delivering laugh-out-loud moments one minute, and tender moments that make you sigh the next. The situations that arise out of a case of mistaken sexual identity are humorous, and the romantic tension that underlies the growing attraction between the two leads is palpable. Their adorable comedic banter will cause them to become one of your favorite K-drama couples. 

It's time to visit, or revisit this sweet, charming, and sexy K-drama, so for the next two days, we are offering the first episode of Personal Taste ad-free. Watch now!


Personal Taste

Starring Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ho (Heirs)

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