Each week, DramaFever staff choose one of their favorite dramas to write about, and we offer the first episode ad-free for two days. Our Staff Pick this week was written by our Translation Manager Martha.

If you enjoy the sense of nostalgia and coming of ages stories like the Answer Me series, I would highly recommend you check out the Taiwanese drama, The Way We Were. This drama follows a group of five college friends over 16 years as they figure out what to do with their lives and their feelings for each other.

Reasons why you should watch this drama.

1. Hot guys: Leroy Yang and Melvin Sia

With eye candies like Leroy Yang and Melvin Sia, how can you go wrong?

The model turned actor Leroy Yang isn’t afraid of showing off his abs. He plays the playboy, Fang Wei De, who slowly falls for the female lead Tang Jia Ni and changes his ways.

The Taiwanese audience got to know the Malaysian Chinese actor Melvin Sia through his role as Wang Jun Jie in The Way We Were. Jun Jie is wholly dedicated and obsessively in love with Tang Jia Ni.

2. Unlike the fluffy romance and one dimensional characters that usually fills our screens, each character is well-rounded, shaped by their background, life choices and circumstance. Tang Jia Ni isn’t some weak damsel in distress waiting to be saved or given a makeover by Prince Charming. She is a strong and opinionated independent woman who works hard to achieve her goals. As the drama unfolds, you find out that there’s a reason behind Fang Wei De’s non-committal attitude towards love, and a reason why the mother-in-law is “evil”.


The Way We Were

Starring Ruby Lin and Leroy Young

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3. The drama depicts real life, friendship and emotions. You can find a sense of familiarity in the snippets of everyday life portrayed in this drama. The time when Wei De was locked out of the classroom because he skipped too many classes. The time when Jia Ni dozed off in class because she’s too tired from her part-time job. This story can happen to you and me or people we know around us.

4. Beautiful OST

The end theme song “Let’s Not Be Friends” sang by newcomer Eric Chou shot him to stardom.

This award-winning drama swept the Golden Bell Awards (the Taiwan equivalent of Emmy’s) with 7 nominations and 3 awards. It is one of the best Taiwanese drama made in recent years. It has a great script and awesome acting. Don’t be intimidated by the episode count. Each episode is only 45 minutes. The drama really draws you in before you realize it. Get your tissue box ready and start now with no ads on the first episode!