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If you’re looking for an eye pleasing, fast paced romance with a healthy dose of action, look no further. This week, our staff pick is Wu Xin: The Monster Killer, one of the most refreshing stories in recent Asian television history starring a super hot and talented young cast.

Elvis Han as Wu Xin: 

Gina Jin as Yue Ya: 

The Supporting Cast:

Ruo Yun Zhang as Zhang Xian Zong, Sebrina Chen as Yue Qi Luo, Ian Wang as Gu Xuan Wu:

Backstory: Wu Xin: The Monster Killer is the first of a four part novel franchise following the life of Wu Xin, an immortal being who uses his superpowers to make a living under the disguise of a monster slaying monk. He may appear to be human but he doesn’t age, heals himself like Wolverine, loses all memory every 100 years, communicates with spirits, and has the ability to fend off evil supernatural beings with his blood. Part 1 depicts Wu Xin’s love story and monster hunting adventures with Yue Ya in early 1900s China, beginning after a series of mysterious murders at the haunted Gu mansion.

3 reasons why we love this story:

  1. Wu Xin is one of the more multifaceted characters we’ve seen as he is both superhuman yet vulnerable. Aside from his superpowers, he has an amazing physique (abs!!!) and makes a decent living under the disguise of a monster slaying monk. However, he is often overpowered by opponents and his physical gifts is reason for his tragic and lonely life. He moves every few years in order to avoid suspicion and has no place to call home, retains no memory of the distant past, and has witnessed deaths of numerous loved ones. He is always hopeful for companionship yet solitude is inevitable. His weaknesses make him a more relate-able hero. All the more reasons for us to cheer for Wu Xin during those shirtless monster battles. 

2. Every chapter (generally every 2 episodes) is a self-contained quest as Wu Xin is tasked to solve a new mystery and battle a different supernatural being, some of which are physically more powerful than our hero. The story for. We are continuously reminded that all beings have strengths and flaws, and no spirit is pure evil. There is never a stale moment and the story progresses rapidly.

3. Monster slaying action aside, we are extremely touched by the beautiful love story between our hero and Yue Ya. In contrast to Wu Xin’s exceptional physical gifts, Yue Ya has no superpowers, yet her mental strength and bravery make her every bit a worthy companion for our hero. The two befriends each other after a near death monster hunting mission and eventually overcomes their physical differences to become lovers. Our can’t help but grow more attached to their love story as their romance blossoms, one monster hunt at a time. Fairytale endings doesn’t exist in Wu Xin’s world, but after escaping their tragic past (Wu Xin’s loneliness and Yue Ya’s abusive childhood), can our leads live happily in each other’s company at least for a few decades? 

Wu Xin: The Monster Killer is a must try if you’re looking for a fast paced romance infused with a refreshing dose of action. The talented and attractive young cast, the writing and direction succeeds at seamlessly drawing us into the story. Better yet, sequels are planned for the near future and the tale of Wu Xin will continue.


Wu Xin: The Monster Killer

Starring Elvis Han and Gina Jin

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