Ed. note: We hope you enjoyed our April Fool's Day joke! We're keeping the story here for posterity. Want to see our other April Fool's Day jokes? Last year we created the first K-drama video game! The year before that we replaced all our subtitles with emoji. And of course, there is the matter of Boys Over Flowers 2...

Ever wanted to ride a real life romantic K-drama? Feel the thrill of being whisked off your feet (literally) by a handsome oppa? DramaFever is making fans' dreams a reality with the opening of DramaFever World, the very first K-drama theme par

Set to open in Spring 2017, DramaFever World gives Korean drama viewers the chance to experience many of their favorite scenes, including riding piggyback on a handsome charmer at the Piggyback Carousel or maneuvering their relationships through the treacherous waters of Evil Mom Lagoon. The centerpiece of DramaFever World is Shower Scene Mountain, a thrilling water ride that takes guests on a heart-stopping recreation of the ultimate shower scene! 

DramaFever World's official treat is Choco Abs, available from any one of the hundreds of handsome, shirtless former K-drama stars employed at DFW.

If you've ever felt a twinge of jealousy when watching a classic K-drama dramatic wrist grab scene, you'll want to be first in line for The Wrist Grabber, combining action, romance and a great view of the park!

Take a quick peek at our first DramaFever World commercial below, and for much more on the exciting attractions including Mt. F4, The Wrist Grabber, and The Spinning Kimchi Pots, click here!

"The most romantic place on Earth" opens in Romance, Arkansas on April 1st, 2017! Ready to Ride the Fever? Let us know what YOU'LL be lining up for when DramaFever World opens!