We have many changes in the new Top 10 Most Watched Dramas. Which new shows entered the list, and which show is threatening our previous #1, Blood? I will also comment on Gangnam Blues and its star Lee Min Ho, who has 2 dramas in the Top 10 right now.

Blood will reach its grand finale this week, and I'll miss the unique and surprisingly lovable show. It achieved a tremendous feat in keeping the #1 position week after week despite falling behind in Korea. It is also more about suspense, mystery, and romance even though the name sounds shocking. I hope to see justice done in the finale and a happy ending for our cute couple who cuddle in the subzero bed. Fighting!

Love Sensory Couple! It is rising so fast that it just might overtake Blood next week. What do you think?

My Unfortunate Boyfriend isn't so unlucky after all, as it joined the Top 10 with No Min Woo showing abs within the first 90 seconds of episode 1. Of course, that's not the only reason that the show is attracting attention. No Min Woo and Yang Jin Sung from Bride of the Century are fantastic in delivering many hilarious encounters.

Falling in Love with Soon Jung joined the Top 10 also for the first time. I'm really impressed by the beautiful Kim So Yeon as she plays a career woman who endured demanding bosses and then lost the love of her life. But, wait, his heart lives on! So, this drama is combining hilarity and intrigue in an interesting blend. Cellular memory wins!

Gangnam Blues finally arrived. The gangster genre is not my favorite, but I watched the gritty film because of the star power from Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won. There were a good many reasons why DramaFever issued a warning for mature audience only. (I'll try to avoid giving out spoilers while I comment on first impressions.)

I agree with many of the reader comments that it isn't an easy movie to watch. However, Lee Min Ho was definitely impressive in his first leading role in a film. He should be commended for taking a risk in choosing to play a role in a disturbing story that uses violence and other shocking scenes to remind us what greed and ambition can do when people, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, give in to primal desires. In hindsight, I believe the director made the right choice in asking Lee Min Ho to play, because he really needed Lee more than Lee needed him to showcase a story about the ugliness that can fester in the human heart and about the evil that can seduce and slaughter the fragile innocence. A Chinese proverb is truly appropriate: "Birds die for food. Men die for money." Furthermore, the most evil person in the drama was someone who never dirtied his own hands. It's a lesson for us all. I also hope to see a more inspiring and uplifting drama from Lee Min Ho next.

In other news:

Divorce Lawyer in Love starts Monday, April 20. It's about time we see Yeon Woo Jin, the handsome villain from Arang and the Magistrate, fall in love as a leading man and get the girl again after his role in last summer's Marriage, Not Dating

Drunken To Love You, starring Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang, will start this Friday, April 24. Check out Taiwanese hunk Kingone Wang of Someone Like You as a handsome pilot.

Flash Point, starring charismatic Hong Kong action stars Donnie Yen and Louis Koo in a fiery battle between cops and bad guys, starts Friday, April 24.

Here are last week's Weekly Top 10 shows in order of most popular:

1. Blood (exclusive)

2. Sensory Couple

3. Running Man

4. Heirs (exclusive)

5. Roommate (exclusive)

6. Falling in Love with Soon Jung

7. My Unfortunate Boyfriend - tied

7. Boys Over Flowers - tied

8. Heard It Through the Grapevine - tied

8. Kill Me, Heal Me - tied

9. Pinocchio - tied

9. Hyde, Jekyll, and I - tied

10. Divorce Lawyers

Yay, Divorce Lawyers made the list for the first time! It is the only Chinese-language drama with that distinction right now. For those of you who are watching, are you a Yao Chen fan or Wu Xiu Bo fan? In case you didn't know about this popular show, read more about it HERE.

Last week's Top 10: DramaFever Weekly Top 10 for April 6 to April 10, 2015

Are you surprised by this week's list? Which shows are you watching?

I'd love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

~ NancyZdramaland