A new week brings new surprises because we have a brand new Top 10 list and it shows a lot of changes with the new drama Big Man and the new movie A Perfect Match entering the ranks. Guess which new show stars Kang Ji Hwan?

Yay! Two of my favorite shows for the moment are Angel Eyes and Fall In Love with Me, and they are both moving up in the ranking. Can I just call attention to Lee Sang Yoon and his dimples once more? Dr. McDimple has now been recognized by his true love, but we are only in the first few episode of the series. I can't even imagine what ups and downs the writer has in store for us.

To bring more smiles and cheer to your life, consider watching Aaron Yan's Fall In Love With Me. Despite protesters in Taiwan who preferred Puff Guo who is busy in We Got Married, this show has shot up to be a top favorite there.

I also want to call attention to Three Days as it reached its tense conclusion last week. It's been a great roller coaster ride with Park Yoo Chun and he is undoubtedly a most versatile actor who can shine in all genres including historical romance, romantic comedy, action, time travel, mystery, and now I would want his personal protection if I ever made it as president of a country. Actually, I want his personal protection, period.

Sly and Single Again also climbed up higher on the list as it concluded its finale. Fans really rave about it and it's on my to-watch list.

Here are last week's Weekly Top 10 shows in order of most popular:

1. Heirs

2. My Love From Another Star and Bride of the Century (tied)

3. Emergency Couple

4. We Got Married and Sly and Single Again (tied)

5. Running Man

6. Angel Eyes

7. Boys Over Flowers

8. Fall In Love With Me

9. Prince of Lan Ling and Big Man (tied)

10. A Perfect Match and Wild Chives and Soybean Soup (tied)

By the way, Kang Ji Hwan stars in new drama series, Big Man.

Wishing you all another wonderful week of drama watching!

Last week's Top 10: http://www.dramafever.com/news/dramafever-weekly-top-10-for-april-21st-to-april-27th/