There are so many awesome changes this week. Guess which romance drama moved into the Top 3? Which vampire also made a leap? (Hint: Lee Joon Ki) Also, find out how well So Ji Sub's web drama One Sunny Day did with our viewers. Read on for more surprises.

As The Time I Loved You gears up toward the happy ending, it's jumped to #3. As much as we love the original In Time With You from Taiwan, this Korean remake has its own lovable uniqueness. So, what do you think about the rumor that Ha Ji Won and Bolin Chen (the original In Time Oppa) are dating? I think it'd be a fantastic match. It would certainly add another international couple ever since Song Seung Hun confirmed his budding relationship with Chinese beauty Liu Yifei.  

Have you seen how the tent scene turned out in Oh My Ghostess? No spoilers as episode 11 and 12 recently came out, but these 2 episodes give very intriguing and conflicting signs to what I was referring to last week about which girl Sun Woo is in love with. I understand that Korean scriptwriters often change the story line depending on audience feedback. Sometimes I agree with the change, but often I'd rather they maintain their original concept. What would you do with this unusual triangle when 2 girls compete for one man's love but share one physical body? Follow our intrepid club members as they discuss this and the creepy villain! I can't wait for the next episode.

One Sunny Day flew into our Top 10 despite being just released last Friday. So Ji Sub gave a nuanced performance in the short and sweet series. I love the 10-episode web drama that you can finish in the time to finish a pot of coffee (or tea) and dessert. Heirs alum Kim Ji Won warmed So Ji Sub's heart and helped him see a new future. Isn't it also interesting that So Ji Sub had a cameo in the warm and cozy Jeju Island Gatsby?

Hidden Identity completed last week and rose to #7. I binged the last 6 episodes to find out who Ghost was and whether our favorite guy Kim Bum's Gun Woo survived. This tense drama has a great atmosphere. No spoilers here either, but the last few episodes are simply full of heart-wrenching twists and turns.

Another action drama, LAST, has caught my attention with its unusual hero Yoon Kye Sang and thrilling moments. I need more time to catch up on so many great shows. How about you?

In other news:

New drama series, Bluebird's House, starts Wednesday, August 12. Watch Lee Joon HyukChae Soo Bin, and their young friends try to balance their individual hopes and the demands of their work life.

I love this version of Jane Eyre with my favorite moment being when Jane (Ruth Wilson) finally told Rochester (Toby Stephens) her true feelings. Please, do not miss this wonderful production of Charlotte Bronte's classic novel. It'll be available this Friday, August 14.

A new season has started for the popular Spanish drama series about the reign of Queen Isabella I of Castile. Starring Michelle Jenner and Rodolfo SanchoIsabel Season 3 will start on Friday, August 14.

For lovers of period drama movies, we also have Women in Love starting Friday, August 14. Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl) and Rachael Stirling star as the two sisters whose struggles with love, passion, and commitment are portrayed in the famous author D.H. Lawrence's classic novels, The Rainbow and Women in Love.

We have a double-movie night this weekend:

The Chinese epic movie Beginning of the Great Revival, aka The Founding of a Party, is about the struggles and eventual success of the Chinese Communist Party to rule modern China. It stars an ensemble cast of the most famous Chinese actors such as Liu YeChow Yun Fat and Andy Lau. You can tell who the top-tier actors are by which characters they played in this movie made to commemorate the 90th-year anniversary of the CCP.

Also check out Korean movie, The Front Line, set near the end of the Korean war, starting the amazing Go Soo and Shin Ha Kyun who find themselves struggling with personal scores to settle while the war is not quite over.

Here are last week's Weekly Top 10 shows in order of popularity:

1. Oh My Ghostess (exclusive)

2. Running Man

3. The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days (aka The Time I Loved You) - tied

3. Heirs (exclusive) - tied

4. Mask

5. EXO Next Door

6. School 2015

7. Hidden Identity

8. Boys Over Flowers

9. One Sunny Day

10. Scholar Who Walks the Night

Last week's Top 10: DramaFever Weekly Top 10 for August 3, 2015

New suspenseful romance drama Yong Pal is actually not too far from the Top 10. Starring Kim Tae Hee and my love Joo Won, it's already risen to dominate Korea's domestic audience.

By the way, Tiger Mom is the most popular Chinese drama right now.

I'm watching Yong PalWhen I See You AgainOh My GhostessScholar Who Walks the NightLAST, and The Time I Loved You.

My Beautiful Bride ends this week. I really wanted to watch this series. Let me know what you think about the ending.

What is your favorite show now?

I'd love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts in the comments!

~ NancyZdramaland