Heirs continues its reign at the top of the list of DramaFever's top 10 most popular shows from the week of December 16th to 22nd. Pretty Man, starring Jang Geun Suk, takes second, and Last Cinderella moves up to third. Brand new show, My Love From Another Star, makes a stellar showing and lands among the top 10. And guess who made To the Beautiful You join the list?

Here they are in order of most popular:

1. Heirs

2. Pretty Man

3. Last Cinderella

4. Boys Over Flowers and Running Man (tied)

5. Prime Minister and I

6. The Master’s Sun

7. To the Beautiful You

8. My Love From Another Star

9. Golden Rainbow

10. Deja Vu and Answer Me 1994 (tied)

It's interesting that To the Beautiful You moved into the top-10 list. It is a 2012 production and a very nice drama with a twist. Did people decide to watch it for the first time or repeat it because they were waiting for other new shows? But I would like to offer a guess here: KIM WOO BIN! Need I say more? It certainly doesn't hurt that other Heirs cast members are in this drama, including Kang Ha Neul (Hyo Shin) and Kim Ji Won (Rachel). This is another testament to Heirs' fabulous popularity and fandom as it can bring back even older dramas!

Prime Minister and I (on air) has picked up more fans and moved up its ranking. Deja Vu (on air) continues with its lovely romance and is adding zest with new romantic rivals.

So glad to see two of my favorite Korean royals, both princes from The Moon Embracing the Sun, continue to shine on DramaFever, with Kim Soo Hyun flying in from his UFO and Jung Ji Woo climbing the Golden Rainbow.

My Love From Another Star, starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun, in its premier has garnered praise and fans' oohs and aahs for its perfect blend of romance comedy and the mystery surrounding a handsome star man who has lived on Earth for 400 years and falls in love with a modern woman.

Next week, will it be a battle between royal princes and chaebol heirs? We'll let the fans decide!