Wow, that was my first reaction when I saw the new Top 10 results this morning. What's the reason? We have another surprise for you in the new Top 10 Most Watched Shows. It would be shocking if Oh My Venus didn't keep its crown, but we have plenty of other interesting changes in the new list.

First of all, congratulations to Lee Min Ho and his adoring fans. His perennially popular Heirs drama has not only been one of our most popular dramas for more than 2 years, it has actually moved up this week into the Top 3. Yes, I understand viewers have differing opinions about this drama, but its popularity and Lee Min Ho's star power simply cannot be denied.

Another undeniable ascent is from Answer Me 1988, which has consistently climbed up on our coveted list ever since its release. I have to admit that I haven't watched it yet. I want to and will probably binge it during the holidays. How about you? You can also check out the fun recaps HERE.

Lee Jin Wook and Jung Yong Hwa's combined star power has also propelled The Three Musketeers into the Top 10. The 12-episode series is completely loaded and is a perfect binge watch! 

To no one's surprise, Oh My Venus has kept its dazzling crown. Episode 9 is the one with the Celery Kiss, in case you didn't know! Did you see the fun trivia I wrote about what Shin Min Ah said to So Ji Sub? I hope you have had the chance to watch this delightful feast on our eyes and in our hearts. You can also read about the highlights as told through Henry's point of view and from our viewing club.

Remember deserves to move into the Top 10 with its riveting story and vividly portrayed characters. Sure, the first few episodes contain a sad backstory, but by the end of episode 4, the story has returned to the present, where we shall see Yoo Seung Ho transform into a new attorney who fights for justice with Park Min Young's help. The well-written story also reminds us that a crime isn't committed by just one villain; along the way there are many people who also lend a hand, no matter how small the act, culminating in the ultimate injustice.

In other news:

For those of you waiting for a happy ending, you've got one and more in Bubblegum, and it's safe to start watching.

Did you realize you can watch Marry Me or Not? on Sunday? The unique battle between the sexes has powered the drama to #1 among female audience members in Taiwan.

This weekend's movie is Silenced, starring Gong Yoo and Jung Yoo Mi. The award-winning movie is based on a true story as told by author Gong Ji Young in the novel The Crucible. Gong Yoo plays a courageous teacher who uncovers unspeakable crimes at a school for deaf children.

Here are last week's Weekly Top 10 shows in order of popularity: 

1. Oh My Venus (exclusive)

2. Running Man

3. Heirs (exclusive) 

4. Noble, My Love

5. Answer Me 1988

6. She Was Pretty

7. Love & Secret

8. Running Man: The Early Years

9. Bubblegum

10. The Three Musketeers

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I'm watching Oh My Venus, Six Flying DragonsMarry Me or Not? and Remember.

If I didn't have family obligations for Christmas, I'd be happily binge-watching The Three Musketeers and Answer Me 1988. How about you? 

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