OMG! It's a shocker! Guess which one of our on-air shows has pushed Lee Min Ho's Heirs off the top of our list. But have no pity for our Prince of K-Dramaland who still has 4 shows on the Top 10 list. As My Love From Another Star is hurtling toward the end, news of its extension to 21 episodes came just in time for a Valentine's Day celebration. By the way, did you know episode 96 of Running Men has a hilarious spoof on My Love From Another Star?

Here are the Top 10 shows in order of most popular:

1. Emergency Couple

2. Heirs

3. My Love From Another Star

4. Running Man

5. Prince of Lan Ling

6. Golden Rainbow and Prime Minister and I (tied)

7. Pretty Man and Boys Over Flowers

8. Passionate Love

9. Flower Boy Next Door and Miss Korea

10. Personal Taste

I'm so in love with both Emergency Couple and My Love From Another Star that I'm perfectly fine with either one pushing Heirs off the top of the Top 10 list. However, it's still quite a stunner that Emergency Couple was able to achieve the feat with only one episode last week due to special programming on its Korean TV channel. (Personally, I don't know what that TV channel is thinking. How can any special programming pre-empt Emergency Couple there?)

I'm quite positive there are many of us who wish My Love From Another Star would never end. However, the show is giving us the dangerous good news/bad news vibes that keep us on constant edge, not really sure of what tomorrow will bring. I've read that the scriptwriter has not actually written the last episode yet, especially now that the show is extended to 21. If only if we knew what her email address is...

It's great to see Prince of Lan Ling return to the Top 10 list. It is an awesome fusion of history and fantasy starring Ariel Lin, Feng Shao Feng, Daniel Chan and George Hu, in a fabulous cast of leading stars from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. DramaFever has the complete series loaded now.

I haven't started another show after Prime Minister and I. I Need Romance 3 sounds interesting, but there are quite a few new shows coming up while I am still intently following Deja Vu, In A Good Way and of course Emergency Couple and My Love From Another Star. I can't stop thinking about Bride of the Century. Then again, Three Days will start soon with Park Yoo Chun. I've liked him from Rooftop Prince and I Miss You. But I only have so much time that sometimes the only time to catch up on K-Dramas is when I sleep (I mean it!). I feel like a child faced with so many candies to choose from. Do you have suggestions? Is anyone in the same predicament?

After reading about the former mayor of Honolulu in the article about how men love watching K-Dramas too, I'm wondering if any guys are checking up on the Top 10 list here. Please comment on what you are watching and which shows are your favorite.

Wishing you all another wonderful week of K-Drama watching!

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