Heirs rushed back to the top after being dethroned by Emergency Couple for only one week, and we have the usual suspects back in the top 3. Guess which new show made a surprise leap to the Top 10 last week!

1. Heirs

2. My Love From Another Star

3. Emergency Couple

4. Running Man

5. Prince of Lan Ling

6. Pretty Man and Boys Over Flowers

7. Afermath

8. Prime Minister and I

9. Passionate Love and Personal Taste (tied)

10. Golden Rainbow and I need Romance 3 (tied)

DramaFever loaded the entire two seasons of Aftermath, and viewers definitely noticed as the show leaped into the #7 spot on our list. Usually, when I don't know much about a show, I visit the show's page and check out viewer comments. For Aftermath, there are many favorable comments despite the unusual storyline. I think I'll certainly consider it for future viewing.

Isn't Emergency Couple captivating? We are seeing the emergence of 3 potential couples, including our leading exes who don't realize they are falling in love again. Of course, the road to a happy ending is still paved with surprises and disappointments. Unfortunately, there is also news that Choi Jin Hyuk is confirmed to enter military service this year. Can we start a campaign to extend Emergency Couple another 100 episodes just to keep him with us a little longer?

As I'm writing this article about last week's dramas, I can't help but feel the heightened anxiety for the upcoming finale of My Love From Another Star. In the two episodes last week, we saw how much our favorite alien and actress are truly connected in love. They are so different in origin, and yet so alike in their deepest longing as reflected in their dreams and fears. The writer of this drama has simply been awesome. Will you accept the ending if it is a sad one?

Wishing you all another wonderful week of K-Drama watching!

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