Valentine's Day is this week, and our Top 10 list has a full plate of pretty men, flower boys, boys with flowers, chaebol heirs, running men, handsome medical hunks, and best of all, a man of love from another star. Emergency Couple and My Love From Another Star are in a dead heat against each other. Will one of them threaten Heirs' throne? And, has anyone noticed the real hottie in Emergency Couple?

Here they are in order of most popular:

1. Heirs

2. Emergency Couple and My Love From Another Star (tied)

3. Running Man

4. Prime Minister and I

5. Pretty Man

6. Boys Over Flowers

7. Flower Boy Next Door

8. Passionate Love

9. To The Beautiful You

10. Golden Rainbow

Okay, I love Choi Jin Hyuk and I think he's hilarious so far, but while we wait for Oma's boy to grow up and fall for his ex-wife again, my wandering eyes have been eating up Dr. Gook (Lee Pil Mo), the E/R chief who is a little jaded but, oh, has such cute eyes and facial expressions. I'm sure there's a volcano underneath that cold exterior. What do you think? Anyone agree with me?

Prime Minister and I has been one of my favorite shows, until the last few episodes. Despite the heartwarming story, I think the ending is somewhat too pat especially with some unbelievable surprises. Maybe the series should have been longer? I still highly recommend the show and think it is worth watching.

For the same reason that we wanted a happy ending for Director Kang in Prime Minister and I, it is probably why Flower Boy Next Door moved into the Top 10. Yes, Yoon Si Yoon! I love that show where Park Shin Hye plays an extremely introverted writer and Yoon Si Yoon is the extremely extroverted and sunny Enrique, and we all know opposites attract each other like no other magnetic forces in K-dramas. Yoon Si Yoon is such a great actor and his range of acting in diverse characters is so interesting to watch. I first saw him in Me Too Flower (likable, but I liked Yoon Si Yoon more), and one of these days I'll find the time to watch his breakout drama, Baker.King Kim Tak Goo.

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