My Love From Another Star surged this week with the rising romantic crescendo between the two leads, as well as the ominous confrontation between the bad brother and our favorite star man (is there another hot man like him?). Also, find out which shows made the list for the first time.

Here are the Top 10 shows from last week in order of most popular:

1. Heirs

2. My Love From Another Star

3. Running Man

4. Boys Over Flowers

5. Pretty Man

6. The Master’s Sun

7. Prime Minister and I

8. Passionate Love

9. Golden Rainbow

10. Miss Korea / Infinity Challenge / Deja Vu (tied)

Miss Korea makes the list for the first time. It stars Lee Sun Gyun whose velvety voice simply makes me swoon, even though I wouldn't understand him if not for DramaFever's subtitles. I love the premise of this story, but I simply haven't had time to start another show because I'm still tracking four on-air shows plus the Prince of Lan Ling. If you are watching Miss Korea, can you please comment below on how Lee Sun Gyun and the show are doing?

Golden Rainbow makes a return to the Weekly Top 10, and it's one of those shows that I want to watch, too, when I get a chance, for who else, but the charming Jung Il Woo?

The anticipated love between the two leads is making a splash in Deja Vu, while Xi Wei (Yao Yuan Hao) makes a redemption by showing us his naked upper torso and ditching that bad girl. (Hope I didn't give away too much.)

So glad that the Prime Minister and I has returned. I really like this show and especially love Yoo Si Yoon. He plays a complex character who we are not totally sure what will do next, but my heart hurts, literally, seeing his pain. I am so impressed that he has transformed himself into a serious character versus the fun-loving carefree Enrique in Flower Boy Next Door who romanced Park Shin Hye, that is, before she fell for Kim Tan in Heirs.

Have you read the article about the amazing subtitling team for the Running Man show? It is very interesting about the impressive team who's made it a committed mission to bring fun to us week after week.

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