Did the holiday weekend affect our new Top 10 list of most popular shows? Will one of the newcomers like Cheese in the Trap unseat Oh My Venus from the throne? Let's find out what surprises are in store for you.

First of all, congratulations to Moorim School, where Lee Hyun Woo and Shin Hyun Joon have taken the Hogwarts-like martial arts school to #6 during its debut week. Despite my busy schedule, I decided to try the first 2 episodes and really like the fun drama. Most martial arts stories are either historical or period dramas. This one takes place "now," and I'm expecting the cute frenemies to help each other learn and grow while they compete. Fingers crossed!

Another congratulations is due for Megan Lai and Baron Chen, whose many hilarious and well-timed flirting scenes have pushed Taiwanese drama Bromance up to the #7 spot. This achievement is really worth mentioning because we haven't seen a Chinese-language drama on our list for quite a while. If you are watching Bromance, please share what has attracted you most from this unusual drama.

Oh My Venus continues a solid hold to her crown, while Cheese in the Trap rose to #2 and Answer Me 1988 jumped to #4. I won't be surprised if one of these 2 newer dramas will take the crown next week. Answer Me 1988 has a "mystery husband" revelation in its finale, and Cheese in the Trap continues its theme of the mysterious boyfriend who is handsome and caring on the outside and also injects a serious dose of Second Lead Syndrome to the fans. 

Hello Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young! I've been waiting for Remember to join the top 10, and it has taken #8 this week. This fantastic drama has good battling evil in the courtroom, boardroom, and on the streets of Seoul, with one of the most detestable villains ever played by one of the most likable actors, Nam Goong Min.

In other news:

With all the interesting dramas that are worth watching right now, can you believe what DramaFever has planned? I'm speaking as a dedicated drama fan, and I almost wish they would slow down because there is a ton of new dramas and movies still coming this way.

Check HERE for details about new shows starting this week: Puck!25th Annual Seoul Music AwardsMadame Antoine, and DramaFever Exclusives High End Crush and Signal

Which of the 24 new movies will be featured first on DramaFever this weekend? Find out HERE! Hint: Luhan (former EXO singer-actor) and Chen Bolin (In Time with You) in a fantasy movie.

Here are last week's Weekly Top 10 shows in order of popularity:

1. Oh My Venus (exclusive)

2. Cheese in the Trap

3. Running Man

4. Answer Me 1988

5. Heirs (exclusive) 

6. Noble, My Love - tied

6. Moorim School - tied

7. Bromance

8. Remember

9. She Was Pretty

10. Oh My Ghostess

For fans of new drama Detective Alice, it's at #16. 

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I'm watching Six Flying Dragons, Marry Me or Not?, Remember, Cheese in the Trap, and Bromance.

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