We have some interesting surprises in this week's new Top 10 Most Watched Dramas. First of all, a reality show has jumped into the list. Also find out which multiple-personality drama has entered the list. Perhaps even more importantly, find out where Healer is now! (The cover photo shows Hyun Bin keeping his temperature under control, but raising ours.)

Cute celebrity dads and their adorable kids have proven to be irresistible as The Return of Superman made its first entry into our list. The show's popularity is amazing, and soon it may have to compete with itself in The Return of Superman - The First Year

As for me, I was mostly on pins and needles all week, especially after I watched the most recent Healer cliffhanger. I see a great trend that's been happening in recent years — strong female leads who are as powerful as the heroic male leads. The part where Young Shin (Park Min Young) found her way to Jung Hoo's (Ji Chang Wook) secret hideout and then took care of him was both thrilling and romantic. What's great about this drama is that as soon as you think an episode is the best, in comes another one that's even better. 

Although I miss Pinocchio and Birth of a Beauty already, I now have started Hyde, Jekyll, and I. I think they should have named the show Hyde, Jekyll, and Hyun Bin.  Without giving too much away since the show just started, let me provide a similar fan service as I did with Healer:

Within 6 minutes, Hyun Bin shows us his Korean Marine abs!

Actually, Hyun Bin looks great with clothes on too. I just drool when I see him walk with that special gait that he does with his powerful manly legs. But, the drama isn't just about his abs of course. There is a very unique story about the central character trying to control his alter ego from coming out of his shell. Han Ji Min will be the heroine to help him. I can already see their sparkling chemistry in all the scenes with the two of them together. The last 15 minutes of the first episode are a must-watch, and I've already watched it a few more times again. It's incredibly awesome to see an emotion-imbued action scene that's better than any Hollywood special effects can produce. Also check out this fun review from our resident Hyun Bin fans, who are drooling even more.

I'm glad that Kill Me, Heal Me has finally started. One thing I love the DramaFever platform is that I can watch the shows on my TV with Roku, and I trust the excellent subtitles on DrmaFever too. 

Ji Sung proves to be the actor who is born to play a man with 7 multiple personalities. I love seeing him and Hwang Jung Eum re-unite on Kill Me, Heal Me. Not only is Ji Sung impressive as an actor, but his multiple characters are fascinating, especially Se Ki, the eyeliner guy with the best pick-up line ever. So, girls, be aware of this type of men who can give you a thrill ride but are also dangerous to keep. On the other hand, the show just started, so let's see what twists and turns will come from the scriptwriter goddess who also gave us the wonderful The Moon that Embraces the Sun.

In other news:

Enjoyed Birth of a Beauty and miss it? Check out which character actors are now in the new Hyde, Jekyll, and I and Kill Me, Heal Me dramas. (Shall we try a game? Post the ones you find in the comments section.)

New Joseon drama Maids has started. It stars the lovely Jung Yoo Mi, who was in Dong Yi and Rooftop Prince and is now a female lead opposite the hunk Oh Ji Ho.

Hong Kong drama series Grace Under Fire (Chinese name: Female Fist) starts Tuesday, Jan. 27. It is a dramatized account about a true-life female martial artist in China during the 1920s. 

Here are last week's Weekly Top 10 shows in order of most popular:

1. Pinocchio

2. Healer (exclusive)

3. Birth of a Beauty

4. Running Man

5. Roommate

6. Heirs

7. The Virtuous Queen of Han

8. The Return of Superman

9. The King's Face (tied)

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9. Hyde, Jekyll, and I (tied)

10. My Love From Another Star - (tied)

10. Boys Over Flowers - (tied)

Last week's Top 10: DramaFever Weekly Top 10 for January 12 to January 18, 2015

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