Is it because we've entered February and love is in the air with the upcoming Valentine's Day that almost every top show is romance-themed except for Running Man? Well, I'm not complaining! While Lee Min Ho reigns here at DramaFever and in China, My Love From Another Star literally left our hearts hanging in mid-air, and Emergency Couple continues to rise with crisis after crisis in the ER. Also, one new show makes it into the Top 10 list for the first time.

Here they are in order of most popular:

1. Heirs

2. My Love From Another Star

3. Running Man

4. Emergency Couple

5. Pretty Man and Prime Minister and I (tied)

6. Boys Over Flowers

7. Golden Rainbow

8. I Need Romance 3

9. Passionate Love and Miss Korea (tied)

10. Deja Vu

I Need Romance 3 jumped into the Top 10 this week. I really want to watch this show. If you are watching it, tell us what you think about it. Should I start with the original I Need Romance before I get into this one?

Prime Minister and I will be concluding its run this week. I can't wait to see how they will sort out the current crisis and give us a satisfying ending. Last week, it was a hand-to-hand combat between the prime minister and the pretty man.

My Love From Another Star has got to be the best and most anticipated show this week, in my opinion. It left Cheong Song Yi (Jeon Ji Hyun) jumping from an extreme height and our heart hanging in the air, a perfect cliffhanger to keep us hooked for this week. The show has simply been a perfect blend of romance, comedy and suspense. And let's not forget it also has one of the meanest serial killers as the brother of one of the nicest good-looking guys ever in K-drama (or any drama in human history!)

It's nice to see Passionate Love back to the Top 10, but unfortunately, it will be preempted for the duration of the Sochi Olympic Games.

Deja Vu is also entering crisis mode as we last saw our heroine passing out, or perhaps worse. We won't have to wait long as the next episode should be ready on Tuesday.

By the way, T-drama In A Good Way was also preempted due to the Lunar New Year and Spring Festival holidays in Taiwan. Luckily, it did not affect Deja Vu.

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