Is anyone surprised that it's Heirs again on the top? Or, we can simply chant Lee Min Ho! Lee Min Ho! Lee Min Ho... to the infinity! On the other hand, the cutest couple from T-Drama returns.

Here are the Top 10 shows from last week in order of most popular:


2.Running Man

3.Pretty Man

4.Boys Over Flowers

5.My Love From Another Star

6.The Master’s Sun

7.Personal Taste

8.To the Beautiful You

9.Golden Rainbow

10.Just You

I'm scratching my head about why Prime Minister and I is missing from this list. Is the PM kidnapped? Nevertheless I'm very pleasantly surprised to find Just You making a surprise return to the list. Aaron Yan and Puff Guo simply make the cutest couple and they recently won "Best On-Screen Couple" at the 2013 Chinese Wave Drama Awards with Just You winning "Viewers' Most Favorite Drama."

Popular Pretty Man completed its 16-episode run, and those of you who enjoy marathon-watching can begin to run with the Pretty Man! (Just as long as you don't run away from your job for Jang Geun Suk.) Since I am still keeping up with four on-air dramas myself, I'd like to get your feedback about Pretty Man, pretty please?

And, does anyone not like that 15-second bet to mesmerize the other person in My Love From Another Star? I love that side-by-side split screen. Of course I would have preferred to have the Star Man himself do the bet for me!