There are significant changes in our new Top 10 list for the Most Watched Dramas. Running Man was last week's surprise winner; will it hold? A Lee Min Ho favorite is once again among the top 3, and a new drama leaped into the Top 10 during its first week's run. Find out more...

Congratulations to Running Man for keeping its crown, but the real surprise is the other crown bearer, Heirs, which has surged to #2 thanks to Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, and Kim Woo Bin's long-lasting star power. 

Perhaps not surprising is Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk's lighthearted romantic comedy Oh My Ghostess taking #5 in its first week. Kim Seul Gi is really impressive playing a ghost who possesses a human body to go after Jo Jung Suk, not to kill him but to seduce him. Read all about her HERE and follow hilarious recaps HERE.

It's also fantastic to see Mask keep on moving up. Last week it was at 7, and now it's moved up to #3. Along the way, Joo Ji Hoon and Soo Ae have progressed from first kiss to sleeping in the same bed! The twists and turns in this drama are simply amazing. And the biggest shocker is yet to come as we just got a whopping cliffhanger in the most recent episode.

Instead of going out during the high summer heat, I opted to binge watch Jiro Wang's Fabulous Boys this weekend, and what a fun drama it is, just like the Korean original You're Beautiful. Fans of the Korean original would certainly want to compare, but this drama has its own unique charm and very cute new stars in the A.N.Jell's group. DramaFever fans agree as this Taiwanese drama is at #12. Check out 6 Fabulous surprises from the Fabulous Boys.

In other news:

A sweet romance starts Wednesday, July 15 with Honey and Clover, starring Joe ChengJanine ChangEddie PengLego Lee, and Nylon Chen. The live action story based on the Japanese manga with the same name is about young art students and how they'll face life's challenges in first love, friendship, and their future.

Here's a show after our stomach: Late Night Restaurant, starring veteran actor Kim Seung Woo and Winner's Nam Tae Hyun, is about a mysterious chef whose restaurant is only open from midnight to 7 am. It premieres on DramaFever on Wednesday, July 15 as well.

This weekend's new movie is Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island, the sequel to Secret of the Virtuous Widow. It stars Kim Myung Min and Lee Yeon Hee in a new conspiracy about money laundering. Wait, that crime happened during Joseon times too? I can't wait.

Here are last week's Weekly Top 10 shows in order of most popular:

1. Running Man

2. Heirs (exclusive)

3. Mask

4. School 2015

5. Oh My Ghostess (exclusive)

6. Jeju Island Gatsby (aka Warm and Cozy, exclusive)

7. The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days (aka The Time I Loved You)

8. My Love Eun Dong

9. EXO Next Door

10. Orange Marmalade

Last week's Top 10: DramaFever Weekly Top 10 for July 6, 2015

Are you surprised by this week's list? Which shows are you watching?

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