Where do I begin? There is so much going on in all my favorite shows. How will Aaron Yan extricate himself from the scheming family who wants to own him, body and soul? How will Lee Joon Ki keep his identity hidden in The Joseon Gunman? How will Choon Hee realize her true love in Trot Lovers? What we need is a personal angel like the charming Guardian Angel 2013 (Ji Chang Wook) in Kara: Secret Love and now Kim Sae Ron in High School Love On to help us through these important questions in life.

Where do K-dramas find these cute guys? They can even transform an evil serial killer from My Love From Another Star into an adorable, kind knight and he even owns a horse. Yes, Shin Sung Rok, you really rock! I like how Geun Woo stays cool, even when faced with scandalous photos, and doesn't jump to conclusion but figures out what he wants. I love how he doesn't hide his feelings but makes a straight forward confession. Is this Second Lead Syndrome that I'm afflicted with? Not yet, I've been enamored with Ji Hyun Woo for a long time. However, it is interesting that Trot Lovers is not going for the usual Cinderella story where the poor girl falls in love with the Chaebol or Heir, but the girl is the one who makes a better man each out of both the rich guy and the bad boy.

Here are last week's Weekly Top 10 shows in order of most popular:

1. Roommate

2. Running Man

3. Heirs

5. Trot Lovers and Doctor Stranger (tied)

6. Joseon Gunman

7. High School Love On

8. My Love From Another Star

9. We Got Married, Global Edition Season 2

10.Fall In Love With Me

In the meantime, it's Happy New Week! because I get a whole plate of delicious new episodes from my favorite shows, never mind that It's Okay, That's Love starts simulcasting this week, and I seriously need 30 hours a day.

By the way, the photo last week was Kang So Ra from Doctor Stranger's finale, in answer to some of the readers who were wondering. Although I was in Jae Hee's camp, I was most impressed by the young and beautiful Kang's performance in this drama because she almost upstaged both genius doctor Lee Jong Suk and avenging prince Park Hae Jin in making us care so much about her unique character.

Wishing you all another wonderful week of drama watching!

Last week's Top 10: DramaFever Weekly Top 10 for July 7th to July 13th

What do you think of this week's list? Which shows are you watching? Comment below.