We watch Asian dramas for many reasons. It could be that we are enthralled by the touching romance or amused by the hilarious comedy that's infused in not just romance but also in suspense thrillers, but I think, ultimately the reason could be the courage. It takes courage to confess to love; it takes courage to tell the truth; it takes even more courage to confront what life gives you out of nowhere and live on. And the top ten dramas from last week are just full of courage.

This is why I want to highlight Kara's Secret Love here, because it was a story that surprised me and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. The first two episodes comprise the first story and you can watch it as if it were a Saturday night movie. The new show almost made it to our Top 10. All I can say is, try it and you'll love it.

There is no surprise that Doctor Stranger has captivated our full attention week after week. Last week was full of unexpected twists and tension. Previously I was really confused by what happened in episode 10, but the next two episodes are totally astounding. I am awed by Park Hae Jin as an actor, and when his character, Dr. Han Jae Joon, the man who has lived with a hidden secret, came to a crisis, he confronted it and stood up to challenge evil. It turned out that under that cool facade gleams the fires of a flaming heart. By contrast, he played a very different kind of man in My Love From Another Star. I have no doubt that Park Hae Jin will continue as a leading man in a drama of his choice. The good news is that we still have 6 episodes to go to enjoy the show; the bad news is that it adds more suspense to what the ending will hold for us.

Here are last week's Weekly Top 10 shows in order of most popular:

1. Heirs

2. Roommate

3. Running Man

4. Angel Eyes

5. We Got Married, Global Edition Season 2 and My Love From Another Star (tied)

6. Fall In Love With Me and Doctor Stranger (tied)

7. Boys Over Flowers

8. You Are All Surrounded and Wild Chives and Soybean Soup (tied)

9. Love Myself Or You

10. Big Man

More good news is that Angel Eyes has reached its finale, and those of you who were waiting on the sidelines can now start the marathon watch. You know what's great about DramaFever? We (me especially) can watch Lee Sang Yoon and his dimpled smile again and again. In the meantime, Lee Seung Gi has recovered well from his on-set injury and will be back to filming You Are All Surrounded. Perhaps the recovery was helped by the 10 reasons we can't wait for Lee Seung Gi to get better?

Fans of drama series A New Leaf, do you know that the show has been changed to 16 episodes? The reason given is that lead star, Kim Myung Min, is scheduled to star in another show by the end of June.

Wishing you all another wonderful week of drama watching!

Last week's Top 10: DramaFever Weekly Top 10 for June 2nd to June 8th.