My Love From Another Star continues its shine in the constellation of glittering dramas in the DramaFever sky. Emergency Couple enters a new phase where the exes have to reconcile their past in order to move forward, but there is a hot doc in the middle. All I know is that I melt when Choi Jin Hyuk sings. In the meantime, Bride of the Century has proved to be a better show than expected with a beautiful heroine and a real ghost. Also, I made a big mistake with another show. Read on to see last week's ratings!

Here are the shows in order of most popular:

1. My Love From Another Star

2. Heirs

3. Emergency Couple

4. Running Man

5. Bride of the Century

6. Sly and Single Again and Boys Over Flowers (tied)

7. Prince of Lan Ling

8. I need Romance 3

9. Golden Rainbow

10. Three Days

Bride of the Century has really exceeded my expectation. I am more and more impressed by Yang Jin Sun. This is her first time as a female lead and she has done a great job with her excellent and convincing portrayal of two young women of very different personalities and background. Lee Hong Ki is cute but he hasn't done enough yet, but I suspect his turn is coming soon now that we know he can actually communicate with the ghost lady. This show only has 8 episodes so far, so it's not too late for you to catch up. Despite my love for the Emergency Couple, I'm tired of the same actress who plays the same mean mom in the same annoying mannerism in every drama I've watched lately. In the Bride of the Century, the two moms involved are more complex characters. They are scheming too but it's more calculating instead of overt screaming and shouting.

I'm glad that Three Days moved into the Top 10, especially after I highly recommended it in last week's report. It is really tense and I'm actually relieved that I'm only watching 2 episodes a week because I don't think I can stand such intensity and surprising twists and turns in a marathon. Park Yoo Chun even got injured in the filming of the show. Speaking of marathon, I made a big mistake in watching episode 1 of My Girl. Well, the rest is history because I couldn't stop after episode 1 of course. I had to finish the entire 16-episode series in 2 days. (Haha, that's faster than Park Yoo Chun can solve his conspiracy mystery.)

Even though My Girl was made in 2006, it is still a great watch for its attractive leads (Lee Dong Wook, Lee Joon Ki, Lee Da Hae and Park Si Yeon) and a fantastic romance comedy plus Cinderella story done well with hilarity even at the saddest moments. It is also one of the Hong Sister's classic pieces and you can see the same successful elements continued in subsequent Kdramas. In a way, this show could have been named "Heirs: Those who wear the crown bear the crown" but it has a much better written story. The only requisite Kdrama element that is missing is amnesia, but I guarantee every other element you can think of is there in a nice package. This drama rose to number 1 when it came out and propelled its leads into fame and they are still popular today. I also know now why Lee Dong Wook was so appealing in Scent of a Woman because my heart aches whenever I see him suffer. (Another note to self is to watch Two Weeks with Lee Joon Ki when I'm done with Three Days.)

Wishing you all another wonderful week of drama watching!

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