We are seeing the trend more clearly now: It is a battle between My Love From Another Star and Emergency Couple for the top 2 spots, while Heirs, although still popular, has now moved to the third place. Bride of the Century is not far behind after giving the audience a big surprise in its newest episodes this week. Find out which show is going to be extended.

Here are the shows in order of most popular:

1. My Love From Another Star

2. Emergency Couple

3. Heirs

4. Running Man

5. Bride of the Century

6. Sly and Single Again

7. Boys Over Flowers

8. The Hours of My Life

9. Prince of Lan Ling

10. Personal Taste

Avid DramaFever fans are definitely used to experiencing the ups and downs, laughter and tears, and how love makes people do crazy things. We'll see that with the new episodes of Bride of the Century, so I won't give spoilers here. However, one surprise is Lee Hong Ki's nail art book being published in Chinese. He is definitely a chameleon when you see how he can look so different as the chaebol heir who has make a painful decision about the woman he loves, and then astound us in his glamorous artsy look.

Emergency Couple is extended by one episode to a total of 21. I can't believe it! Although I love the couple, I will be out of town that week and may not have good internet access. The drama is also entering a stage where there are tears but also hope. I'm glad It doesn't forget its comedic touches, however. Did you all like it to finally see Dr. Hot Chief in his house? (I had no idea he lived anywhere other than his office.) He jumped up to groom himself (we finally see his clean-shaven face) quickly when Jin Hee came to visit. Again, be ready for some surprising scenes.

The Hours of My Life has concluded its run with an upbeat message. I was afraid to watch it despite its cute guy in the lead, but this recap from the drama club has helped me shed my fears. I'll add it to my list of shows to watch. It also helps to read these comments from the viewers such as:

pokeyoakey: I would like to than those who did the English subtitles for this series. Very well done. I'm a sucker for these type of Japanese dramas.

Jlover: A masterpiece! Extraordinary!! This drama which I started watching because of Miura Haruma won in changing my perspective on life and taught me to be helpful to someone and empathetic to people around me. It inspires, reminds us about the blessings we have got, teaches us to be little more optimistic about life and never to give up! It touches that part of me deep inside evoking various emotions that I never knew existed in me!! Arigatou!! Kudos to Miura Haruma and each and every person behind this excellent piece of art!!

As for other on-air shows on my regular watch, Deja Vu has plenty of its own surprises as it is moving toward the end. Will it have a happy ending? I honestly can't tell because it has been unconventional in its storytelling. It will be followed by Fall In Love With Me starring Aaron Yan and Tia Li. So why are Aaron Yan's fans clamoring for boycotting the show? I sincerely hope they will support Aaron and enjoy the new show. Go here to sign up for new episode alerts.

Wishing you all another wonderful week of drama watching!

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