The amazing Doctor Stranger has quickly become one of the top favorite dramas for DramaFever viewers. Fans are so enthused about Dr. Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk) that many would like him to be their real doctor in real life. However, Dr. Park is busy trying to decide if the girl who looks exactly like his long lost love is real or an impersonator. Is this simply a coincidence, or is the Gemini sign exerting its dominating influence over dramaland? Let's see how the theme of doubles, or twins, has absorbed viewers' hearts and minds in other dramas.

While popular Dream Girls singer and actress Puff Guo is paired on We Got Married - Global edition with her loving 'husband' Kim Hee Chul, she is also being romanced in DramaFever's brand new Taiwanese romance drama, Love Myself or You, by a talented chef who pretends to be an intern at a famous French restaurant. Believe it or not, I think her new leading man, Jasper Li, looks very much like Kim Soo Hyun of My Love From Another Star. In the meantime, Aaron Yan is playing a hilarious dual role as he and his own alter ego compete for the same leading lady in Fall In Love With Me.

And how could I forget the very nice versus the very evil doubles in Bride of the Century where Lee Hong Ki has to choose the girl with the golden heart between two girls who look exactly alike. See what I mean about Gemini's power of two?

Yet the most beautiful and touching imagery of hearts entwined comes from Doctor Stranger. As Park Hoon hugged the doppelganger girl to test her heartbeat, I could hear the melody and lyrics from 'Run To You' of Angel Eyes, "Don't you know... two hearts can beat as one?"

Be ready to be surprised by this week's Weekly Top 10 shows because there are a lot of surprising changes:

1. Roommate

2. Running Man

3. Doctor Stranger

4. You Are All Surrounded

5. Heirs

6. We Got Married, Global Edition Season 2

7. Angel Eyes

8. Wild Chives and Soybean Soup

9. Fall In Love With Me

10. My Love From Another Star

Wishing you all another wonderful week of drama watching!

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