A new romance has pushed into the coveted Top 10 list of Most Watched Shows on DramaFever. Can you guess which drama? Also, who is the hot singer-actor to whom we are saying goodbye?

Oh My Venus got off to a great start! We were promised dazzling chemistry from So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah, and we got it. The new drama is already at #4 in its first week. What is surprising is the details that we didn't learn from initial news. 

The backstory is that Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) has become overweight because she has been focused on her career as a lawyer. The weight may not be the central relationship issue, but it is clearly implied when we see her boyfriend ditching her for a tall, skinny beauty who would turn out to be another shocking revelation. In comes the kind and compassionate (not to mention hot tub hottie) So Ji Sub, who seems to be destined to save her at her most needed hours.  So Ji Sub is also a "prince" in hiding with his own secrets. The drama is guaranteed to be a warmhearted romcom along with hilarious encounters. Perfect for the holiday season to relax and enjoy! I can't wait for more episodes. Can someone please call the hotline to Korea and tell them to hurry up? Join in on Twitter tonight at 10pm EST to watch episode 3 with us! You can tweet your commentary with the hashtag #OMVonDF!

If you ever watched Coffee Prince, then you know why we can never get enough of awesome leading man Gong Yoo, and he did not disappoint in the Finding Mr. Destiny movie either. I didn't know Im Soo Jung much, but I'm now a fan. It turns out that she was So Ji Sub's love in I'm Sorry, I Love You, which many fans cite as their most unforgettable drama from the hot star.

We have a few fond farewells to wave:

Love & Secret concluded with an expected happy ending. After 102 episodes, I feel that I'm saying goodbye to a group of very close friends, even the villains. Aside from these reasons to love, the surprise hit drama also gave a sympathetic portrayal of aging parents and dementia.

We already know the many reasons to love Secret Message HERE and HERE, but how about an unusual ending? It is a happy ending, but I don't want to give spoilers. (Or, you can read the secret recaps.)

We will bid adieu to Choi Min Ho and Park So Dam's Because It's the First Time. Many readers have commented on this cute gem, and it's currently at #12. It has only 8 episodes in total and is perfect for a holiday binge. 

As we say goodbye to an enchanting story in She Was Pretty this week, we also bid a very fond farewell to Shin Hyuk, in real life Super Junior singer-actor Choi Si Won, who has already left for his military service. Here are some of his best photos to keep us company while he's away. I don't recall another actor who has timed his departure so perfectly with so much love.

In other news:

With the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend in the United States, I'm very thankful that we'll get to watch The Thieves instead of being dragged into a shopping frenzy. The movie has an all-star ensemble cast including Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun in a heist quest for a diamond necklace. The adventure is so fantastic that it has zoomed to be one of the all-time highest grossing films in Korea.

Here are last week's Weekly Top 10 shows in order of popularity:

1. She Was Pretty

2. Love & Secret

3. Running Man

4. Oh My Venus

5. Secret Message

6. Noble, My Love

7. Heirs (exclusive)

8. Cheer Up!

9. Bubblegum

10. Answer Me 1988

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Which dramas are on your list to watch for the holiday season?

I'm watching Oh My VenusShe Was PrettySix Flying Dragons, Marry Me or Not?, and Bubblegum.

I'd love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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