A new winner is crowned today! Can you guess which new romance drama is sitting on the envied throne? Check out our new Top 10 list. Also, find out which Chinese drama is the most popular in that genre.

Congratulations to Oh My Venus, which has easily snatched the #1 spot after zooming to #4 in its first week of broadcast. We really shouldn't be surprised by the well-executed romance comedy. So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah's explosive chemistry is off the charts, and there are 2 other hot guys (Sung Hoon and Henry Lau) on the team. Even the villainous couple is doing their best showing us their well-toned physiques around and inside the swimming pool. Let's not forget the story: I was glad to find out there was a medical reason for the lead female's weight condition in episode 4. Read more details from our excited recap club HERE.

Did anyone watch The Thieves this weekend? The popular movie has risen to one of the top all-time blockbuster films in Korea. What I didn't know until I watched it was that the  heist film also includes a stellar group of Chinese actors, such as award-winning actor Simon Yam. I was also very impressed by Jeon Ji Hyun's cool action scenes. For Kim Soo Hyun fans, yes, you'll see his abs.

High School King of Savvy rose fast to #8. It was probably thanks to binge-happy viewers who preferred to stay away from the holiday shopping frenzy. I totally agree with the choice. And of course it stars one of our favorite hotties, Seo In Guk.

Six Flying Dragons continues to lead in the historical drama genre. I cannot praise it enough. Yoo Ah In has exceeded all expectations in his performance, and I highly recommend that you check out his daring mission in episode 16. (To the viewers who want "serious" dramas, this one should be on your list.)

The most popular Chinese drama right now is Wu Xin: The Monster Killer. Okay, tell me the truth: Are you watching it for the special effects, or for the hot new star, the cute and sexy Elvis Han? The creative monster-fighting romance sets its story in a period of time that is rarely covered by other dramas from China.

In other news:

A Bird that Doesn't Sing starts on Wednesday, December 2. It's a revenge drama starring Hong Ah Reum and Oh Hyun Kyung

Never Die starts on Friday, December 4. Ji Eun Sung (Shine or Go Crazy) falls in love with Nam Ji Hyun (Love Cells), who play a 200-year-old immortal who eternally looks only 20 years old. I'm very curious about this 5-episode romance. 

This weekend's movie is Once Upon a Time in High School, starring Kwon Sang Woo and Lee Jung Jin, two very popular and handsome actors of the mature-men category. Let's find out how they were in high school competing in basketball and for the same girl.

Here are last week's Weekly Top 10 shows in order of popularity:

1. Oh My Venus (exclusive)

2. She Was Pretty

3. Running Man

4. Love & Secret

5. Noble, My Love

6. Heirs (exclusive)

7. Secret Message

8. High School King of Savvy

9. Bubblegum

10. Answer Me 1988

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Which dramas are on your list to watch for the holiday season?

I'm watching Oh My Venus, Six Flying Dragons, Marry Me or Not?, and Bubblegum.

I'd love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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