Which dramas made it to the Top 10 this week? Will last week's winner Noble, My Love hold its spot? If you could only watch one drama among all the new offerings, which would you watch now? Read on about the surprises for this week.

Twenty Again reached a very satisfying conclusion, but I would recommend that you watch episode 15 and 16 together. I was feeling quite uncertain at the end of 15, feeling sure that there'll be a happy ending but didn't know whether the final episode would pull it off successfully. For those of you who've been waiting on the sidelines, yes, it's safe to start your binge. No Ra's journey is accompanied by an awesome supporting cast with side romances as well, but the main focus is about one's personal growth and new beginnings

She Was Pretty finally got an abs scene in episode 6. Okay, I often make fun about abs scenes, especially when one would show up within 2 minutes of the first episode. This lovely drama has been so funny that I forgot to track the abs scenes. When it showed up, I was like, we don't need it. But, I'm not turning it down given how well it fits the story. The show is progressing so well that I'm really wondering which romantic pair will end up together because I'm seriously in love with Choi Siwon's Shin Hyuk, who likes Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) just the way she is, frizzy hair with freckled face and all. The popular drama has moved up fast to #5. Join our recapping club to explore the relationships and the connections HERE.

I've decided to watch the big 50-episode Six Flying Dragons, and the early episodes are paving a dramatic backstory for the main cast. I usually watch only one historical at a time. Other than Lee Joon Ki's fantasy Scholar Who Walks the Night, my last true historical was Seo In Guk's The King's Face and now I'm ready to start another. The thought of 50 episodes is a bit daunting, but after reading up on the history and watching the first few episodes to test the water, I've decided it's a keeper. In Korea, this fantastic drama has been the winner in its time slot, beating out Cheer Up! Many of us among the international audience have our own set of viewing preferences and constraints, and Jung Eun Ji's Cheer Up! is happily perched at #7 now, while the dragons are actually doing pretty well at #15.

The real surprise winner this week is Love & Secret, moving up to #3. This is the first time a daily drama has risen to join the Top 10, if I remember correctly (and I've been writing this column for almost 2 years). What makes it so liked by our viewers? At only 30 minutes per episode, it's actually an easy watch. I've been watching it myself and would like to know why you like it too. Please share your thoughts in the comments.

In other news:

2NE1 New Evolution in Seoul features the very popular 2NE1 in their first global tour in 2012. Join the exciting concert on Wed., Oct. 21.

It appears that we have a new invasion of British dramas starting Friday, October 23, but these dramas are quite different from the period romances. Get ready for supernatural thriller Bedlam (Season 1), a 21st-century Dr. Jekyll, and Primeval, where prehistoric creatures moved to modern England. Perfect timing for the Halloween season!  (BTW, If you are a fan of Downton Abbey or the Divergent movie, find Theo James in Bedlam!)

Harmony is this weekend's movie. Starring Kim Yoon Jin and Na Moon Hee, the story is poignant and also heartwarming, dealing with the serious subject of women in prison and finding a new purpose in life.

Here are last week's Weekly Top 10 shows in order of popularity:

1. Noble, My Love

2. Twenty Again

3. Love & Secret

4. Running Man

5. She Was Pretty

6. Heirs (exclusive)

7. Cheer Up!

8. Oh My Ghostess (exclusive)

9. Boys Over Flowers

10. To Be Continued

Once again, Lee Min Ho has 2 dramas on our coveted list. Congratulations to the Asian perfect man who was recently named the most popular Korean star among Hallyu fans from 22 Arabic-speaking countries.

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What is your favorite show now?

I'm watching She Was Pretty. Love & Secret, Six Flying Dragons, and Cheer Up!

I'd love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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