Have you checked out My Lovable Girl in High School Love On helping the Modern Farmer to Aim High to catch the Blade Man playing Tomorrow's Cantabile? We have a new bumper crop of favorite shows. Let's see who's on the list of Top 10 this week.

The Night Watchman's Journal finally finished its paranormal fantasy thriller with a happy ending. I love seeing Jung Il Woo dressed in royal splendor and Jung Yun Ho in agile sword plays and martial arts moves. Although good ultimately conquered evil, I think we should acknowledge the actors who played the bad guys with gusto. For instance, Kim Heung Soo (a real hottie) really did a great job playing the deranged king who constantly talked to his alter ego. Looking forward to seeing more of him in a different genre.

Aim High nicely introduced its characters in the first episode with a lot of fun. I've come to appreciate having only one episode a week from the simulcasted Taiwanese dramas. The story is right on target with the concerns of young people who first enter the job market, particularly when they have a dream that seems untenable or impractical. It sure doesn't hurt to see Lego Lee (In A Good Way) and Chris Wang (Love Family) again.

In other news: 

Fans can see Choi Jin Hyuk again in his new legal drama series Pride and Prejudice starting Monday, October 27. His co-stars are Baek Jin Hee and Choi Min Soo.

Watch Hyun Bin in his first historical role as a Joseon king in The Fatal Encounter movie this weekend. Sign up for premium membership and you can watch it early.

Here are last week's Weekly Top 10 shows in order of most popular:

1.  My Lovable Girl

2. Running Man

3. Roommate

4. High School Love On

5. Blade Man

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6.  Heirs

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What happens when six young strangers move into a mysterious boarding house? Watch Boarding House No. 24 to find out

7.  Tomorrow's Cantabile

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8.  The Greatest Marriage

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9.  Discovery Of Romance (tied)

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9.  Absolute Boyfriend (tied)

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10.  My Love From Another Star

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What do you think of this week's list? Which shows are you watching? Comment below.