Attention, please. We have a surprise new winner for the Top 10 Most Watched Shows! Guess which drama is the new winner: Is it the popular Twenty Again, where Choi Ji Woo goes to college with her son, or the delightful Cheer Up!, where teenagers show misbehaving adults how to be a role model, or...

Last week I raved about the 6 reasons to watch Love & Secret, the first daily drama in our coveted Top 10. Now, the drama about everyday love and secrets has taken #1. Watching a daily drama takes patience, but it can be a rewarding experience. Of course it doesn't hurt to have 2 hot male leads in Kim Heung Soo and Yang Jin Woo.

One of my personal favorite romance comedies, She Was Pretty, is sitting pretty at #4 as we enter a pivotal turning point in the recent episodes. Did you enjoy the 15 faces that handsome Choi Siwon makes? I'm really torn between Team Shin Hyuk and Team Sung Joon. Join our club of pretty fans and see what they think.

I am so glad that I decided to watch Cheer Up! I am not a sports fan, and book reading was way ahead of cheerleading for my priorities in high school. This unique drama has me totally hooked. Who doesn't like the cheerful Jung Eun Ji and very cute Lee Won Geun? Yes, there is the fun cheerleading and budding romances, but to me, it's more about teenagers finding the path toward adulthood. Along the way, there are grown-ups who shine the light and help them as well as misbehaving adults who don't deserve to be called adults. 

My Secret Hotel also quietly moved up to #8. A lot takes place in the first 2 episodes, including the hilarious meeting of a divorced couple and a strange body falling into a wedding procession. But my favorite scene is when a very cute but drunk Yoo In Na proposed to Nam Goong Min, the handsome villain from Sensory Couple. This is a complete drama series that you can happily binge. I'm watching just a couple of episodes at a time because I'm tracking so many other dramas.

I almost said goodbye to Lee Min Ho as I swooned over Yoo Ah In saying "She is so poetic." He didn't even realize he was falling in love yet! I wrote about the young flying dragon Nam Da Reum as a rising star, and I'm falling for Yoo Ah In! It's a commitment to watch the dramatic Six Flying Dragons with 50 episodes, but many fans are already tuning in as the dragons climbed up to #12.

In other news:

Clear your plate for Bubblegum, which starts Monday, October 26. Watch childhood friends Lee Dong Wook and Jung Ryeo Won search for romance. Will they find each other?

Watch G-Dragon: One of a Kind Concert from G-Dragon's first solo world tour from 2013, starting Wednesday, October 28. Sorry fans, it is available only in North America.

Female rappers compete in Unpretty Rap Star Season 2. You can see Yubin (Wonder Girls), Hyolyn (Sistar), Jiyoon (4minute) and more, starting Friday, October 30.

This weekend's movie is Spellbound, starring Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ki. If you like Oh My Ghostess, this movie also has a female lead who can see ghosts, but the male character is a magician. Very intriguing! 

Wow, I may just have to drop everything as Taiwanese heartthrob Roy Chiu returns with Marry Me or Not? It is a reunion with his Office Girl leading leady, Alice Ke. The literal translation for the Chinese title is "A Woman To Marry." There are actually 2 different Chinese characters when it comes to the word "Marry." Here the phrase is about a woman whom a man wants to marry; it doesn't mean a woman who must get married. The new drama starts Sunday, November 1. I can't wait for the romance comedy!

Here are last week's Weekly Top 10 shows in order of popularity:

1. Love & Secret

2. Noble, My Love

3. Twenty Again

4. She Was Pretty

5. Running Man

6. Cheer Up!

7. Heirs (exclusive)

8. My Secret Hotel

9. Oh My Ghostess

10. Boys Over Flowers

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What is your favorite show now?

I'm watching She Was Pretty. Love & Secret, Six Flying Dragons, and Cheer Up!

I'd love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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