Yong Pal is so popular that it has been extended to 18 episodes. Will it also snatch #1 from Oh My Ghostess

Oh My Ghostess continued its dominance of the weekly top 10 list this week, holding off some tough competition!

Dr. Yong Pal and Chaebol Princess in distress really are stronger together than apart. Love isn't enough, however, to counter evil. In the latest episodes, we see their enemies continue to surround them with one plot after another. When Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee) courageously stands up in front of her enemies, will Tae Hyun (Joo Won) make it in time? What a cliffhanger! I usually complain about time flying too fast, but it's not flying fast enough for us to see the next episodes. In the meantime, catch up with our intrepid recapping club to sort out who's with and who's against our hero and heroine.

Twenty Again continues its rise in popularity. So glad to learn that No Ra (Choi Ji Woo) is so healthy that she could live to be 100. This is one of our favorite K-drama situations when misunderstanding results in many hilarious opportunities, especially when it comes to handsome man Lee Sang Yoon, who is the professor who only knows half the truths. I'm also glad that No Ra actually had already emerged from her depression with a determination to live well, even before she found out about the medical mistake. Here's another important question: Which side romances are you following: The ex with the influential girlfriend, or the son with his clingy black rose?

I caught up with The Virtual Bride, and guess what, our professor (Ryu Soo Young) has fallen in love and you can't get him to stop his cute smiles. Since he still lives at home, we know his mother is going to do everything to put up a kimchi great wall to block the intruder (Dasom.) Stay tuned for more zany fun!

In other news:

Late Night Restaurant and LAST are finishing this week. Have you been watching these excellent dramas?

New series Love & Secret stars Shin So Yool, Kim Heung Soo, and Yang Jin Woo as a trio of lovers entwined in a captivating romantic drama. A young woman gets pregnant and is abandoned by her wealthy boyfriend. She returns to Korea as a single mom who fights her way as a fashion designer and finds new love. This new enticing drama, along with new K-pop documentary series Big Bang: The Beginning, start on Wednesday, September 16.

Two more British masterpieces are starting on DramaFever on Friday, September 18.  London Hospital Series (Season 1) is a period drama based on the lives of doctors, nurses, and patients at the Royal London Hospital a century ago. 

Sean Bean is one of my favorite British action hunks. He stars as Richard Sharpe in Sharpe's Challenge where he goes to India to rescue a general's daughter from kidnappers. Padma Lakshmi co-stars in the movie that is based on the popular Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell.

A popular movie, Miss Granny, has made it to DramaFever. Watch Shim Eun Kyung and Na Moon Hee in this fun film about a 74-year-old woman transported back into her 20-year-old body on Saturday, September 19.

Here are last week's Weekly Top 10 shows in order of popularity:

1. Oh My Ghostess (exclusive)

2. Running Man

3. Yong Pal

4. Twenty Again 

5. Heirs (exclusive)

6. The Scholar Who Walks the Night

7. EXO Next Door

8. Virtual Bride (tied)

8. Boys Over Flowers (tied)

9. School 2015

10. Bluebird's House

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What is your favorite show now?

I'm watching Yong Pal, When I See You Again, Scholar Who Walks the Night, LAST, The Virtual Bride, and Twenty Again.

I'd love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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