DramaFever adds Japanese titles to its growing library! Japanese shows include classics Super Robot Red Baron and Iron King, manga-turned-live action Team Astro, and currently airing Moyashimon. If you have a soft spot for live action super hero shows, known as "tokusatsu", like Power Rangers and Ultraman, you'll love Super Robot Red Baron and Iron King. For manga fans, we're adding Team Astro and Moyashimon. Anime fans will recall that Moyashimon is both a long-running manga and anime series, now brought to real life. Moyashimon is DramaFever's first simulcast show - each Thursday, the latest episode will be online at DramaFever within hours of broadcast on Fuji TV in Japan. We've added new content partners too. Moyashimon is our first title with new content partner FUNimation. Team Astro comes to us from TV Asahi. We're looking forward to bringing you great Japanese shows coming from our new content partners.