We here at DramaFever couldn't be more excited to announce tomorrow's premiere of our latest series, as it will please avid watchers of Korean historical dramas like Iljimae and The Return of Iljimae that combine expansive political struggles with intimate forbidden romances, all anchored by a story of vengeance. From Kill Bill to Korea's own Old Boy, vengeance is a common theme that compels us as viewers to emotionally engage in the hero's quest to reciprocate the unjust crime committed against them. In The Return of Iljimae, Jung Il Woo stars as a man whose first love is murdered in cold blood. Determined to exact revenge, he becomes Iljimae, a Robin Hood-like warrior who sets out to find his lover's killer while battling the corrupt government. In the same vein, in Red Eagle, Gonzalo de Montalvo is a humble teacher and father whose life is turned upside down by the egregious murder of his wife. Suddenly, this ordinary man becomes a masked avenger whose mission to find his wife's killer branches into a web of political conspiracies and secret societies. All the while using some awesome ninja skills. By day, he is Gonzalo. But by night, he becomes Aguila Roja, or Red Eagle. What's interesting to note is that though there are cultural differences between Joseon-era Korea and 17th century Spain, the themes are universal: oppression leading to great courage, rebelling against corrupt politics, and avenging one's sacred love. The DF staff is eager to see what connections and parallels our K-drama fans will draw as they explore a brand new series and culture. oNW3tf8 What do you think? Will you be making the jump from Iljimae to The Red Eagle? Are there some similarities that you already see between the two shows and cultures? Tell us in the comments! If you love watching action-packed novelas online, we insist that you check out Red Eagle!