Taiwanese girls group Dream Girls have been appointed spokespeople for Okinawa tourism. We can get really jealous of this cushy job. Let's see what Puff Guo, Emily Son, and Tia Li say what they like about Okinawa. And, why was Super Junior Heechul mentioned?

The girls appeared at an event promoting Okinawa tourism on November 15 in Taipei, and talked about their trip to Okinawa for 4 days and 3 nights, arranged by the tourism office. Puff Guo was impressed by the underwater motorbike experience. Tia Li enjoyed lingering at the seaside coffee shop. Emily Son said she really liked having spa treatments by the sea.

The reporter then asked probing questions such as what about getting married in Okinawa. The answer from everyone was, "Sure, it would be a great idea." And when would that be? Tia quickly came back with  "I want to enjoy myself now before getting married."

Puff Guo was asked whether she will see Heechul when the Super Juniors hold a concert in Taiwan around the end of November. If you recall, Heechul is Puff's 'ex-husband' from the http://1hop.co/oujcu/dstep/" target="_blank">We Got Married Global Edition. Puff had no problem admitting that she stays in contact with Heechul, and said "Sure, we will go see the concert together."  

(photos: dreamgirls-ifc, chinatimes, ettoday)