girlfriday: So Dream High 2 finally has its cast! I can’t say I know any of them other than Kang Sora, but I loved her in Sunny. She’s simultaneously badass and cute. I love it.

javabeans: She was bubbly in Dr. Champ, too, as the girl who got all handsy with Jung Kyeo-woon.

girlfriday: Yeah she ran around calling him Buttocks!

javabeans: I suppose she’s the “actor”-actor of the bunch, while the rest look like they’re idols.

girlfriday: Yeah, along with T-ara’s Ji-yeon who confirmed earlier, we’ve got Jung Jin-woon (2AM) and Hyorin (SISTAR). That makes her the Kim Soo-hyun of Dream High 2, or what I’m going to call it from now on: Dream Higher.

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