One Step Forward 4 by Ahnmin: Becoming a superstar isn't easy and doesn't happen overnight. This is the theme behind the hit musical drama Dream High. The basic requirements are understood: unstoppable ambition, unrelenting commitment, and 10,000 hours of hard work. But the true pleasure of the series is the trials and obstacles they encounter along the way. One Step Forward 1 With the launching of DramaFever Latino, we're taking that same journey to stardom from Korea to Spain, with our latest musical drama One Step Forward. Like Dream High's Kirin Arts High School, One Step Forward features the Superior College of Performing Arts in Madrid which specializes in three categories: dance (modern and classical), music (singing and performing), and acting. One Step Forward 5 The show will especially appeal to music and dance lovers as there are performances aplenty. These are presented with choreography and cinematography that would rival any lip-synced staging from Glee. Of course, this being a musical drama, the show delivers especially well on the dramatic. A love triangle ensues, macho guys compare the size and shape of their chiseled abs, jealousies plague friendships, and teachers hook up with students. But it's not all conflict and tears as there are many joyful moments of being part of a community, making lasting friendships, and sharing in a unique experience. One Step Forward 2 If you recognize a familiar face in Silvia, that's because she is played by Mónica Cruz, sister of international actress Penelope Cruz. Apparently, looks run in the family. Which is not to say that the other actors aren't fine specimens themselves. From the sexy dance teachers to the aforementioned chiseled guys, One Step Forward is nowhere near lacking in eye candy. And if it wasn't enough for the women to be in leotards and the guys to be shirtless, the series features what I like to call "The Unisexy Shower Scene." It's a scene that takes place in the coed locker room and let's just say the show isn't shy about how much it reveals. Oh yeah, and there's one in every single episode. One Step Forward 3 For fans of shows like Dream High and Shut Up Flower Boy Band, who are looking for the next musical drama to join performers in their journey towards fame, look no further than DramaFever Latino and be sure to take One Step Forward.