It’s time to close out this chapter of Let's Drink, and send off both teachers and students to their next big adventures. For some that means big changes, while others still have a lot of growing up to do before they’re ready for the next step, including our students. Join Wendilynn, Drama Debussie, and I as we discuss these final episodes of Let's Drink.


Let's Drink (Drinking Solo)

Starring Ha Suk Jin and Park Ha Sun

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Drama Debussie: This is it! We’ve reached the end of Drinking Solo and, boy, was there an ending. So many things that this show was building up to had to be peeled apart, torn down, and then put back together again. I guess it was necessary because the build up seemed like took FOREVER, but once we started to come back down the other side you could see why the build up was necessary. So I guess the question is: Team Gong Myung or Team Jung Suk?

Wendilynn: I was for team Jung Suk. Gong Myung was like a little puppy dog but I think she needed that from him. He’ll be a good brother in law to her, though. I really liked the journey that Jung Suk took in these episodes. He didn’t fight his feelings for Ha Na and just went with it and that made him care about others more. Of course, we had our obligatory “break up” but it wasn’t for mostly dumb reasons. He was honestly trying to respect his brother’s feelings which he had never done before. I still hate idiot noble sacrifice, but this I could respect since he was trying to be the big brother he hadn’t been up to that point.

DeShonda: I was for team Gong Myung for a while. He cared about her more than Jung Suk did. Every time Ha Na was sad and crying, he was always there to wipe away her tears. I can appreciate his respect for his brothers feelings though.

Drama Debussie: Admittedly, seeing Jung Suk use his asshole-ness as a way to respect his brother’s feelings was nice. Better late than never when it comes to being a big brother. Although, in the end, I was Team Ha Na. I know dramaland rules state that the heroine MUST end up with someone in the triangle but seeing that Ha Na was the rag doll thrown between these two, I was kinda hoping she would finally say, “Screw it.” Sure, she’s not that person, but a girl can dream. I found it ridiculous that Gong Myung felt he was somehow wronged by her dating his brother when she was kinda humoring him the whole time in order to make sure he continued to put effort into studying. Of course, his one-sided love was so blinding that he didn’t even realize that’s what she was mainly doing so it’s hard to completely blame Gong Myung for that one.

Wendilynn: Crushes have a way of making you blind to other things. Just like Kibum couldn’t see the love triangle he was part of. Or should I say Love zig zag? Since it really didn’t come full circle. Lol I ended up really liking the stories of the three boys. Gong Myung, Kibum and Dong Young all had to learn what their goals were. What was actually important to them. Kibum got to have his love acknowledged, Dong Young’s loyalty finally paid off, even if Kibum almost got him in enormous trouble, and Gong Myung had to learn that he really did want that certification for himself and not just for his teacher’s affections. Even Chae Young learned that she didn’t have to be so ramrod strict with herself and still get what she wanted.

DeShonda: I agree with you Wendilynn, I really enjoyed the three boys stories a lot as well. They all learned very valuable lessons and no matter what all of they went through, they still remained to stick together and remain friends.

Drama Debussie: Chae Yeon’s story was the most interesting for me in that she had protected herself so well that she had never actually experienced heartbreak so she had no reason to protect others looking for her affection from it. In the end, she experienced heartbreak but it opened her up ever so slightly and that was refreshing. There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious and looking straight ahead at your goals, but you have to remember there’s more to life than a test. There’s also more to life than impressions apparently as Jin Woong learned in the end, which, OMG how cute is he with Jin Yi?! SO CUTE!!

Wendilynn: Oh my gosh they were ADORABLE!! First, I laughed when we finally realize that a one night stand happened. They played that well, I did not see that coming. But they both needed family and while this show wasn’t big on happily ever afters, I’m really glad they gave them one.

DeShonda: Yes! I loved my comic relief Jin Woong’s story. He had a very happy ending and it was very satisfying to watch he and Jin Yi together. I had a feeling that the two of them would end up together. Both of them experienced losses and they needed each other more than they realized.

Drama Debussie: Absolutely. It was all right there the whole time!! It also helps that you can’t help but love both of those characters. In spite of their quirks, they were good people who given crappy lots in life. He had just lost the only family he had left and she just got out of a crappy relationship with a guy that wasn’t interested in commitment let alone creating a family. Plus, Jin Woong and Jin Yi always had a great rapport so while their pairing was a surprise, it didn’t necessarily feel particularly forced. Now, if we want to talk about slightly forced, I guess we can talk about Jung Suk and Ha Na. Although, forced may not be the right word. Fast? Because their relationship felt to me to come all at once and the next thing you know they were saying that they loved each other after dating for 3 seconds. The only thing I say love to in that amount of time is food and even I will give that no less than 5 seconds!

Wendilynn: Yeah, that “I love you” came very fast. Although one could say they’d been in love with each other for awhile up to that point. But, at least the show didn’t have them proposed to and on track to get married quickly. I was actually pleased to show that they weren’t living together by the end. He still needed his quiet time to heal after a long session of teaching and she respected that. She understood him as only she could.

DeShonda: Ha Na and Jung Suk’s relatonship did happen rather quickly. I was happy that the writers did not rush them down the aisle fast. I think at this point both of them really needed their space.

Drama Debussie: True, we already had one shotgun wedding, guess we couldn’t have two. In the end, I think that’s what made this couple work so well. While he was still very much set in his ways, with Ha Na he did soften a bit if anything for her sake, but there were still some habits he needed to maintain in order to be normal (whatever is normal for him) and she’s one of the few women that is willing to not be included in his routine without taking it personally. If there’s one thing this show had, it was quirky characters and seeing each of these characters react and adjust to all those quirks is what make this show slightly enjoyable even though it was a not a favorite of mine. Although the way each of them lived their lives in spite of their loneliness was very relatable.

Wendilynn: And I think that was the point of the show. These characters were very normal. Kids working hard for the exams and not quite living up to the burden they placed on themselves. After all, that test is insanely hard. Adults trying to navigate work and love lives and families. I appreciated that with the exception of Jin Yi/Jin Woong there were no super happily ever afters. Kibum and Chae Yeon and Dong Young and his girlfriend had things they were working on. The Director still had a family that drove him to drink. And in the end, they all were still drinking solo in different ways. And that was okay. For a show aimed at a group drinking culture, to have a show say that it’s okay to drink by yourself if you want, is huge.


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