Billboard is quick to point out for those who aren't familiar with Siwon that he has the most Twitter followers of any Korean star (more than Psy, they note), appropriately calling him "a big deal." Siwon had scored an extremely exclusive ticket to this year's Met Gala (even the Kardashian's, minus Kim, couldn't make the cut)! "I can't believe it," Siwon says of attending the Gala. “Last year, I attended the gala at LACMA. I saw Tom Hanks and Jack Nicholson. I felt like I was watching a movie. I just can’t believe it. I’m very honored and very proud.” When asked about his signature, relaxed style, the superstar commented:  "The most important parts of fashion to me are confidence and expressing who I am. If I have those things in anything I'm wearing, then I can be more comfortable. Fashion is confidence from me. If I’m comfortable in everything I'm wearing, then I can do better." He couldn't head to the red carpet before thanking his many devoted fans: "I just want to say, always thank you. Now, it's not that Super Junior and I are singers or actors for the fans. We're family. I'm so appreciative for all the good memories and teaching us true love."