Hello Duelists and welcome to our Drama Club! Join Debo, Kate, and Young Ajummah as they digest and discuss the shock, the anger and all other emotions felt during the first two episodes of  Duel . Are you ready to Duel with the dramaclub’s opinions? Read on!

Ajummah: Wow! What a first two episodes. I haven’t felt that many different types of emotions in that short amount of time in a long time. The hatred, the confusion, even the anguish! I hope the drama continues along this line.

Kate: I’m not quite hooked yet. I think there is a lot of potential, and some of the performances have been good, but with episode 1 the emotions started off dialed up to 11 the story isn’t quite grounded. I need to know these characters a little better on a normal day to feel the high stakes. Some of this groundwork was laid in those flashbacks, but I still feel like I’m not sure which characters I care about yet. Other than Soo Yeon, that is. The girl is adorable.

Debo: I agree with what Kate said. The intensity of emotions was hard to connect with especially since there wasn’t much connection with the characters established yet. I did feel bad for (good clone), poor guy couldn’t catch a break. Wakes up from blacking out and is suddenly in a whirlwind of pain.

Ajummah: I do get that. I think it's my personality. I’m either extremely dramatic or extremely mellow. There is no in-between for Ajummah. It was confusing how episode 1 starts a bit in the middle of the episode and then back tracks for the backstory. I guess that’s the kdrama gods at work. I’m putting this out there now, I’m a mom and I get triggered whenever there is a child in danger (looking at you Wanted) so I will be very dramatic throughout this series. Having said that, I’m ready to beat the crap out of Prosecutor Choi Jo Hye for pulling that crap with the fake money. Her very existence is bothering me right now.

Kate: I was more frustrated with her mainly because Detective Jang’s daughter had been kidnapped, so he has an excuse. She seemed a bit cold, but possibly it is just because she seems particularly pragmatic in such a rough situation. Detective Jang did get on my nerves a bit too. I could look past it mostly because of the terrible situation, but I feel like I don’t really know much about his character yet other than he is stressed and terrified because his daughter was kidnapped. Since most people would be, I just don’t feel very connected to him as a character yet. Both characters definitely have room to grow.

Debo: There’s something about Prosecutor Choi that seems unsettling, not just that she’s cold but she also gives off a slightly sinister vibe like something bad hiding under the surface. I really want to understand more about her background with Detective Jang and the reason why they got into the situation where he accidentally causes his wife’s death and shoots the guy. And I also agree with you, Kate, about Detective Jang. He is also starting to get on my nerve as well. I just remember that scene where he goes barrelling into a crime scene and I just wonder what the journalists to the side are thinking seeing this man push through them and running into the crime scene screaming.

Ajummah: The scene where Detective Jang ran through the crime scene causing...well a scene, that was annoying. Father or no, he should have known better than that. I will give him a slight pass but he can’t make any more stupid choices like that if he’s going to find his daughter. Prosecutor Jang...everything about her annoys me. The cockiness, the smirk she always seems to give, the fact that she always has her hands in her freaking pockets. I know I’m picking at silly things but UGH!

As far as a story line, things are progressing. Soo Yeon is missing and we (the viewers) know it’s the bad clone but for some reason, no one but Detective Jang understands that the person in custody is the good clone.

Kate: It’s the plot and Yang Se Jong that are keeping me interested at the moment. I want to know why these clones have been created and how this intersects with Detective Jang and his daughter. I want to know what other kinds of experiments are going on, and who is involved. I also can’t wait to see Yang Se Jong play both clones more and more. Even though we’ve hardly seen the evil clone, there’s this subtle difference to his performance of each of them that makes me feel like we’re in for a great performance. And heavens, yes, I feel terrible for the good clone. He’s barely conscious and he gets beaten to a pulp, arrested, beaten again, and then questioned with what amounted to unintentional psychological torture. I wonder what bad clone has done to him to prompt that response to seeing his own picture?

Debo: I love the contrast between the two clones and am super excited to see how their stories play out! And not only did all of that happen to the good clone, let’s not forget that he also survived a hella bad bus crash and had to jump off that bridge. Definitely a true fugitive move, excited to see how they work together!

Ajummah: What an epic escape! And what’s with the cop shooting the suspects? Especially after they stopped running and were trying to help their friend that was killed. Which reminds me...I would love to know the story behind the gangster woman with the scar and wicked haircut. I wonder if she’ll be in future episodes. Here’s to positive thoughts and more action in the next episodes.

Kate: I hope Soo Yeon’s still alive, that the vision Detective Jang had of her was a dream or a message, but not a goodbye. She’s too cute not to return, right? I second your positive thoughts, Ajumma. I think we’re in for a bumpy ride. We might just need them.

What are your thoughts Duelists? Does Prosecutor Choi grate on your nerves or do you understand her actions? What about Detective Jang? Do you think there’s any hope of finding his daughter? Let us know all your thoughts and comments below. We’ll see you next week after the new episodes of Duel!

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