Once again in Duel we have found ourselves on a roller coaster of emotions. First, after Soo Yeon’s rescue, she was treated to a fabulous day out full of fun, love, and gifts. But that was quickly taken away after we learned about her health status. The plot thickens also regarding San Young Pharmaceuticals and its nefarious plans for the future. Join Kate, Ajummah, and me (Debo) as we discuss this week’s thrilling episodes.

Kate: Things were way too relaxed most of episode eleven, for this time in a series, that is. It was nice to see all of our “good guys” enjoying themselves riding bikes in the park, eating Subway (this is at least the third visit to Subway in the series, there must have been some product placement, no?) and having a pizza picnic. I was stressed that whole time. It seemed like Detective Jang barely got Soo Yeon away from the Bad Clone after the car crash. I was worried that they needed to hide out and regroup. But then she fainted and we discovered Soo Yeon’s leukemia had been cured, but she know had tumors throughout her body. That was devastating news! But is she safe from kidnapping too? Are we sure about that now?

Debo: There’s definitely a lot of product placement going on with Subway and also Samsung Galaxy since they’re some of the sponsors. But it was definitely nice to see the gang enjoying a nice day together before everything starts falling apart. I am very interested in seeing where the real cure will turn up. When Kim Hye Jin freaked out over the mention of the cure, it piqued my interest in its usage but also made me feel so bad for her and how they used her body for research.

Ajummah: I cried a lot during these episodes. Why am I so emotional behind this silliness? I mean Soo Yeon...I feel so bad for her. But other than that, it’s a lot of funny business going on. Detective Jang let me down during that flashback when mini Bad Clone was asking him for help. He should have known something weird was going down when the higher ups came to “talk to him”. Ugh.

And I giggled over the product placements. I ended up getting a sandwich not long after the Subway scene though it wasn’t Subway that I got. Also I want a new phone now. Darn you Samsung!

Kate: San Young Pharmaceuticals is definitely the big bad here, and Bad Clone is just a loose cannon. I thought that the CEO’s daughter was the scariest customer, but now that her dad is awake and pissed that she woke him from his coma because of the deadly side effects of their new medicine, I’m thinking that he might be the scariest one. Then again, Bad Clone is out for blood now. Between Good Clone and Soo Yeon, though, he may have just enough heart left to reach out to and protect our good guys. I wonder what he’ll do when he finds out that Dr. Han is still alive, though? That may be just enough to thaw his heart- after his revenge against San Young.

Debo: Oh yes, I almost forgot about that flashback with Detective Jang and bad clone. That was a very stressful moment and also broke my heart a little bit. Those clones went through so much. It is very interesting to see all of the stories interweaving now and I am also very intrigued by Prosecutor Choi and Dr Han’s pact and how it will all plan out. That seems like a very interesting alliance made by two very strong women.

Ajummah: Dr. Han/Clone mom...I wonder when she is going to reveal herself to the clones. And I’m trying to piece everything together. Dr. Han tries to run away with Bad Clone. She gets hit by a car and Bad Clone thinks she’s dead. He then spends however long in the hands of San Young Pharmaceuticals being a guinea pig. He gets out/breaks out and starts this whole vengeance thing. Where does the CEO’s daughter fit in? She sounded like she was trying to double cross her brother. She got shut down though when she wanted to run away with Bad Clone. For half of a second I thought they were in some type of twisted relationship, but I guess not.

Yang Se Jong plays the heck out of the role of Bad Clone. I mean towards the end of episode 12 when he went to take down the CEO, I thought I’d be happy to see him in another psycho role.

Kate: It sounded like the CEO went into a coma two years ago, which is when the daughter made a pact with Bad Clone in order to get the cure and use it for her father. Over that two years, her brother ran the company--it seemed she didn’t think he was devoted enough towards curing their father. This looked like something she was willing to exploit when she was the one that got the experimental cure for her father. Yet that backfired pretty badly. No wonder she wanted to run away. I, too, was wondering why she’d run away WITH Bad Clone, but running away might have been a good idea based on how mad dad was that he could get serious cancer as a side effect. This “super cure,” though, seems a bit strange. Is it just supposed to cure everything? Soo Yeon had leukemia, I’m not sure what put the CEO into his coma, and the cure is also supposed to fix the aging organ problem for the clones. Is it some kind of a magic bullet?

Debo: Haha. “Magic Bullet” just reminds me of the blender. But yeah the CEO is not a good man at all, definitely something devious with him all he cares about is his own health and nothing else. I am interested to see if we find out what the cure actually is because, as Kate pointed out, it can cure everything and medicine just does not work like that in the real world. It’s interesting to see where the cure actually ends up and what Nurse Ryu did with it. Additionally, at least we got another humorous respite with the car moment. What did Mi Rae expect when she lent her car to a couple of people being targeted by a corrupt pharmaceutical company?

Ajummah: This case better cure everything. I wonder if the real drug will save Soo Yeon. I don’t think this will series will save her. How many episodes are left? 4? Okay, it’s a stretch but maybe. I have a feeling that Bad Clones has a few more body counts to rack up before this show is done.

Kate: Debo, I thought it was really funny when Mi Rae was so shocked they got her car smashed up. You’re right. Shouldn’t she have known there was a chance of a high speed chase? You can’t really blame the Detective and Good Clone, either.

With regards to the cure Ajummah, I think the real question here is whether there will be enough cure to go around soon enough to cure everyone that needs it. Is it one dose? Ten? How long will it take to make? There’s a real urgency to get it to Soo Yeon, the clones, and the CEO. My bet is that if there is more than one dose, there will not enough to go around, Bad Clone at least will not be cured. I’m betting he won’t get a dose, but after he sees Dr. Han and asks for forgiveness and has another nice bonding moment with Soo Yeon and Good Clone. I’m not sure if they’ll cure Good Clone, but I think there’s a good chance for Soo Yeon. Now we just have to figure out where Nurse Ryu hid the cure. Do you think it is with Mi Rae’s father? I don’t think that the man in the cafe is her father. He kept mentioning there were three of them that were friends. My guess is that the other person in that three is her father. But is he truly dead? Will she get to meet her dad? Where do you both think we’ll be in four more episodes?

Ajummah:I didn’t think about the cure not being enough. In real life it takes months/years to create a vaccination. Even if they have one, it still takes a while to synthesize it to create more. We don’t have that type of time. So I think… I don’t think the clones will survive. Well, maybe Good Clone but Bad Clone will definitely not make it to the end of episode 16. It’s either death or jail at this point and we all know he ain’t going to jail. As I said before I’m not sure about Soo Yeon. I want her to survive, but I just don’t see how a cure for kidney disease or whatever it’s for can also cure cancer. *sigh* I guess only time will tell.

Debo: I definitely don’t think everyone will survive, but I hope they do though. Soo Yeon’s cancer spreading to virtually all of her organs would be fairly impossible to treat in the real world so I want to see how they deal with it. I guess we just have to wait and see. 

Do you think that we'll get a happy ending with everyone cured?  A tragic ending where the Good Clone and Soo Yeon die?  Somewhere in between?  Let us know in the comments.

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