Welcome back Duelers! Have you been keeping track of all the double crossing, double identities, and double whammies this drama has put us through this week. Please join Debo, Kate, and myself as we discuss all things Duel. Also, this dramaclub is NOT sponsored by Subway, lol.

Kate: Now that we’re reaching the final stretch, anything can happen. Major characters can die, even bigger, game-changing reveals can occur, and, of course, we can take even more trips to Subway for product placing sandwiches. We got a little bit of all of that this week. What were your favorite developments? I’m particularly excited to see Prosecutor Choi stepping up to go undercover to try and put things right. San Young Pharmaceuticals needs to come down! I’m a little worried, though, that Detective Jang won’t cooperate with her enough and that will hamper the investigation.

Debo: We definitely had our first major shock at the end of episode 14 when Dr. Han was shot and I feel like that’s not the worst that will happen. Especially as we end these two episodes seeing Soo Yeon’s condition worsening, the bad clone getting caught in a high speed chase while the rest of the group mourns the death of Dr Han. Definitely a lot to look forward to in the last two episodes. And I definitely agree, San Young Pharmaceuticals has got to go.

Ajummah: And can we talk about Mi Rae? We’ve gone from being Mi Rae and not knowing her mother’s past to finding out she’s not Mi Rae to finding out that she is the blankity blank CURE!!! I mean my goodness, what a week! I didn’t really think about Soo Yeon too much because there was so many twists and turns going on with Mi Rae. Also what in the world drama writers. We had to go to Subway after EVERY life altering event? I wonder how much Subway paid them for sponsorship. I have a Subway near my house and it doesn’t look as good as what they show on Duel.

Kate: I really hope against hope that Dr. Han actually can survive… but with only two episodes left, my bet is that she hasn’t. What a rough end for Mi Rae this week though. From discovering that her mom wasn’t her biological mom, to getting almost killed in a motorcycle accident, to discovering her bio-mom was Dr. Han, to losing Dr. Han and being kidnapped? Girl’s going to need some therapy, big time. And I’m not even getting into the fact that the guy it seems she’d been crushing on is kinda her dad/brother. *Shudder.

Debo: Yeah, definitely a weird relationship web we’re weaving there. And I also hope Mi Rae catches a break in the next couple of episodes. I did feel bad for the bad clone throughout these last few episodes, his sad backstory as well as him believing Dr. Han was purposefully hurting him definitely doesn’t excuse his actions but it makes you pity him a bit. 

And going off of that idea, the daughter also has it rough even though she was definitely in the wrong for trying to get Dr. Han killed for her own self interests.

Ajummah: I didn’t even think about that, Kate! I definitely don’t want any type of relationship between the two now. I don’t care what type of magical genes she may have. Also about Bad Clone, he kind of disappointed me. Why is it he takes the CEO's words to heart knowing that this guy created him just to test him for a cure. He was basically a lab monkey but when Dr. Han was trying to explain and things HE remembered...oh it's all a lie. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Kate: The CEO’s daughter is still a piece of work. I’m not sure what killing Dr. Han would gain her- the daughter is still the one that pushed to give the experimental cure to the CEO before they’d assessed it for side effects. Killing Dr. Han won’t move the blame magically onto her alone. Speaking of the CEO, though, he’s just mustache-twirling levels of evil, no? I’m not sure he can get any lower than he already has.

Debo: Oh yeah, I can’t wait for karma to hopefully hit the CEO fully in the face sometime. And another person we should discuss is Soo Yeon, her condition has been fluctuating throughout this drama from her disease to getting kidnapped and now her whole body falling apart. This poor girl just can’t catch a break!

Kate: I’m still paranoid about her safety, and not just from cancer. She was kidnapped for evil corporate reasons, and I still don’t feel assured they wouldn’t take her back to get something from her father or Good Clone. Yet she’s in a hospital where Mi Rae could get kidnapped so easily... in part because Bad Clone looks just like one of her visitors. Couldn’t he slip in and get Soo Yeon easily enough the same way? Couldn’t anyone in a white coat? It makes me nervous. Hearing that there will be only enough bone marrow to save one person increases that anxiety even further. Honestly, in the real world wouldn’t a corrupt, rich, CEO be the one to get that marrow?

Ajummah: I think Soo Yeon is safe from the big baddies because they know that she is damaged goods. She didn’t have the cure and her body is on its last legs so to speak. It makes sense that they wouldn’t mess with her. I do question the security of the hospital. I didn’t see one damn security guard patrolling the floor. Shoot, even Mi Rae’s doctor saw her being carted off by someone he didn’t know and he did nothing! Like, what in the world?

Debo: Oh yeah, security is way too lax at that hospital they really need to work on that, haha. And that is definitely how the real world would work. But we’ve talked about it before right, how this show is already so far from the real world with a cure all for a plethora of diseases and ailments, clones being able to remember memories from their original person, etc. So we are definitely deviating a bit from reality here. Also the fact that Mi Rae is the cure. I’m interested in seeing how exactly she is the cure like did they put all of the cure into her body? Since they showed a memory of the doctor handing Nurse Ryu a needle with the “cure” or was that just a facade?

Kate: Maybe that injector was another dose Mi Rae needed? I don’t know. Sci-fi medicine is hard to understand. So adding to curing the aging bodies of clones, childhood cancer, the very rare aging organ disease the CEO has (which he said *no one* had researched), this cure also fixes blunt force trauma a good two decades after it was last administered. No wonder everyone is fighting for it.

Debo: Honestly, it sounds 500x better than the fountain of youth.

Ajummah: The thing is though, will Mi Rae die? Because getting the cure means they have to remove...something from her body, be it stem cells, blood, organs. I don’t know, but remember when Dr. Han told Detective Jang that if Mi Rae gives Soo Yeon her stem cells, it would take 2 years before she (Mi Rae) could be a donor again. Or maybe because Mi Rae heals quickly, that wouldn’t be a problem? Lots of things to worry about.

Kate: I’m a little worried about the Prosecutor and her new plan to take San Young down though. Nothing says she has to survive next week. I think that San Young is going down, but that doesn’t mean it won’t take a few of the good guys out with it as well. Prosecutor Choi is swimming with the sharks while she works to subvert the corruption between law enforcement and the company from within. It was nice to see her staff, though, was so loyal that they were willing to take the risk to their careers alongside her.

Debo: Yeah, Prosecutor Choi seems to be in a precarious position and I am actually interested to see how this operation all goes down. Guess we just have to wait for our last batch of episodes next week!

Kate: I think we’ll have some happiness in our ending, surely. Detective Jang, Good Clone, Soo Yoon, Mi Rae and her reporter colleague, and even Prosecutor Choi and some of the detectives (to a lesser degree) have all become a chosen family of sorts after facing all these difficulties together. While Mi Rae and Good Clone may be questioning their identities in the face of all of this, there are people that care about and for them, and I think whoever is left standing will continue to remain close and supportive to one another.

Ajummah: You guys are so hopeful, lol. I’m seeing at least 1 member of our crew won’t be making it to the end of the last episode. In my mind I’ve seen Good Clone, Bad Clone, Mi Rae & Soo Yeon all dying to further the plot. I guess only time will tell how right I am about things. I can’t believe we’ve come to the end of Duel already!

So what do you think Duelers? Will everyone end up happy or do you think someone won’t survive. Let us know in the comments below. Also...what sandwich do you like most from Subway? See you next week! 

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