Hello Duel Drama Clubbers! These last two episodes sure have been filled with many twists and turns as we thought we were getting closer to figuring out the mystery of Soo Yeon’s kidnapping but it turned out to be a sharp deviation from the road. Join Kate, Young Ajummah and me, Debo, as we discuss all of the intricate plot details of this week’s episodes.

Debo: There was so much going on this week! I like how they are digging more into various different crimes to slowly piece together the mystery of Soo Yeon’s kidnapping. That children organ harvesting arc was rough, those little kids trapped in the room were so sad :(

Kate: I know! I’ve definitely seen my fair share of organ harvesting stories before, but harvesting organs from children is particularly harsh. I was surprised they found the homeless guy in Busan with so little to go on, and his whole arc was depressing. I’m glad that the Detective and the good clone were able to help free the little girl, though. Some kind of a happy ending, at least.

Ajummah: Okay, where to start. This whole child organ harvesting thing was rough for me as well. I have two children and yeah, if anything happened to my babies, I don’t know what I would do. Detective Jung is on warpath (not that I blame him). I was actually rooting for him this week because I didn’t want Soo Yeon to be in that room. Was the little girl that was in the trunk of the car, the homeless man’s daughter? How are the organ harvesters connected to Detective Jung’s case? I have so many questions.

Debo: Yeah, I thought she was the homeless man’s daughter. Hopefully they will be reunited. Did all of the parents that came to rescue their children all appear to be homeless? Does that mean many of them that were living under the walkway all owe money to that organization? That’s what I was wondering as well. I thought they weren’t really connected to the case at all, it just so happened that Detective Jung stumbled upon another child kidnapping crime. However, the homeless man just happened to be caught in the crime when the leader guy told him to drop off the good clone in the train station and give him a ticket. Also that dog fighting ring in episode 4 really stressed me out. I absolutely abhor the idea of dog fighting so seeing that as a crime was also rough.

Kate: It was a tough week. First children being victimized, then dogs… next week has to be a little easier on me. The only other sensitivity of mine they have to push is sexual assault. Then again, our new character, the reporter Mi Rae, looked like she was in somewhat of a precarious position at the end of episode four. I’m pretty sure she’ll manage to find a way out, though. I really like her character, and I think she and her story adds yet another angle to the mystery.

Ajummah: Also...what’s going on with the reporter’s mom? The crazy guy said that she was his nurse, but where was she working that she encountered that man? I know that’s a weird question, but still, I was concerned about it. Also, also...just how many times has this good clone been alive? The mom has to have been at least 20 years older but the picture of good clone AND current good clone look exactly the same. How old is this guy?

My brain is working overload right now. Bad clone has Soo Yeon. But why? What is his endgame with her? What is he giving her to make her sleep like this? And who is Chief Paik? SO. MANY.QUESTIONS.

Debo: Yes, this episode definitely opened up a lot of questions and left us with a tiny morsel of answers. Hopefully we learn more next week! I am definitely rooting for the reporter to get out safely and with both ears intact! Also interested in seeing how Detective Jung will continue his hunt with the gang having knowledge of his whereabouts and getting ready to hunt him down.

Kate: Mi Rae is so smart. She’s following the same tracks that Detective Jang and the Prosecutor are, but without the same access to resources. All she has is some odd paperwork and her reporting skills. Oh, and her nerdy-cute rich reporter buddy. I wonder why her mother kept her from becoming a doctor. I wonder if it has anything to do with what she experienced as a nurse on the super-secret stem cell/cloning program.

Ajummah:Oh that’s a good point, Kate. Maybe she, the mother, has something to do with this process and wanted to keep Mi Rae in the dark. Hopefully we’ll get some answers next week about that. I wonder how Detective Jung is going to get out of the dog fight without getting caught. Also, Prosecutor Choi didn’t bother me as much as she did last week. Is it because I’m getting used to her? She definitely seemed to care for Soo Yeon. Remember when she asked if Soo Yeon was in the building with the organ harvesters? I distinctly remember thinking she cared.

Debo: Oh for sure, Prosecutor Choi still seems pretty cold but you can definitely see her soft spot for Soo Yeon. I want to know if she has even deeper connections with the family. I hope they go more into their history/background soon!

Kate: So far she still doesn’t believe in the twin/double story either. I can’t wait to see how her reactions change after she finally believes that piece of information. My bet is we’ll still have at least another week before that happens. Until then, she’s going to pursue Detective Jang like he is a criminal assisting a murderer. Speaking of the clones, evil clone is definitely up to no good. Do you think that they are clones of the murdered brother of the dog fighter? And if so, why clone him? I know we’re only two weeks in, and that’s to be expected, but we just keep getting more questions and no answers so far.

Ajummah: Hopefully next week will give us the answers we seek. How big is this tangled web of deceit? I noticed that when good clone was having breathing/chest problems, bad clone seemed like he was having problems as well. I could go on for days with my questions but I’m going to hold off until I watch a few more episodes.

Kate: Well, Mi Rae did mention that animal clones age at--what was it?--twice or four times as fast as other animals? I thought she must have tossed that out there because we’re supposed to know that these human clones might be affected by this too. I think this will come up again.


Sound off below regarding what you think about all of the questions that have been raised thus far! What are your predictions about what we might expect to see in the coming episodes?

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