It seems this week we’ve got less of a duel and more of a… three-el? With law enforcement, the organ dealers, and Bad Clone acting somewhat as a free agent Detective Jung and Good Clone are facing threats on all sides. Good thing they’ve found a new ally in our spunky and smart reporter friend. Will Detective Jang and Good Clone ever find Soo Yeon and the truth about the clones? Join Young Ajummah and me, Kate, as we discuss episodes five and six of Duel.


Ajummah: Lots of fight scenes these past two episodes! Fighting at the dogfight, murder in the office, fighting with axes (AXES) in the woods… and that was just episode 5! I don’t know what the name of the female gangster with the scar and blind eye but I was really excited when she was fighting with the axes.

Also lots of plot development as well. We saw that there is a third clone and possibly the original person in the body freezer at the end of episode six. I wonder how he died. Killed? Were his organs harvested?

frozen body.jpg

Kate: I was wondering if that was the original or if it was another clone. If it was the original, bravo for their freezer technology and technique! I’ve had well wrapped food get more frost and freezer burn in months rather than in twenty-four years. And if it was the original, his brother told Good Clone last week that he had killed him back in the nineties. I enjoyed episode six much more than five. It felt like we began to get more information that started answering almost as many questions as we were asking. I’m not expecting to know everything six episodes in, but with more and more mystery added with each episode, I’m glad of the progress we saw this week. Even Prosecutor Choi saw more development as a character. I felt completely sorry for her when her boss tossed coffee on her face. I’m not sure if it complies with Korean labor law, but it definitely shouldn’t fly.

ep 6a.JPG

Ajummah: OH MY GOD!!! When I saw her boss throw the coffee on her, I shrieked! Was it hot coffee? Cold? Why coffee? Why not just get the verbal beating? And then why did she stay in the blouse and skirt all day like that? I would have felt so embarrassed. I did feel sorry for her after that. Maybe she does have feeling for Detective Jung and that’s why she’s acting like this? I noticed in episode six she seems to believe that there is a clone (she called it a twin) and is looking into finding out more about that.

Also Detective Jang and good clone have some allies now with the doctor and the two reporters, especially Mi Rae. It seems as if her mother had something to do with the original cloning. As you said, however, with more plot development brings more questions.

Kate: I was happy Prosecutor Choi started to consider the possibility of twins or doubles too. It’s the first step to her being able to really tackle this crime properly. Can you imagine what might happen with her and Jang working together, both of them knowing about the clones? Mi Rae can provide a witness to there being two as well, though I doubt she’ll step forward any time soon, what with all the aiding and abetting.

I really like Mi Rae, though I’d like to get the chance to see her do more. She’s a good investigator, but I’d also like to see her reporting skill. For a while I even started to ship her with Good Clone, but then I quickly backed away from that when she suggested the doctor (scientist?) who was the original may be her father. I’m not sure what that would make them to each other, not really parent-child, not really siblings, but it still would be completely gross.


Ajummah: I’m making a face just thinking about it. I like the other reporter too. He’s a bit side kicky but he does seem to care for Mi Rae which is cute. And great save when she pushed the Detective out the way from getting run over by the organ dealer, right? What in the world is his deal? I thought he was the leader but now he seems like he is just another pawn in this whole thing.

So what’s the Bad Clone’s angle? He works for the organ dealers but he is a product of some crazy evil medical experimenting so shouldn’t he be working against them? Also what does the CEO’s daughter have to do with any of this? She A little too happy with making money of of stolen children’s body parts.

Also also, if Good Clone is dying because his body is old, doesn’t that mean Bad Clone is sick as well? If so, what is he injecting himself with? And what about Soo Yeon?

Kate: It seemed to me that Bad Clone is working for them (doing what?) to get the medicine to keep him alive in return. For some reason, he thinks he can act more independently now even though it didn’t look like he stockpiled the medicine. He did memorize the organ list??? Which means something we’re not sure about yet. It seems very important to the CEO, though.

--But you’re right. What does Soo Yeon have to do with this? Is the medicine those experimental stem cells, and he kidnapped her to try and figure out how to make them himself? Is she some sort of power play against Detective Jang who figures into this for some reason we don’t know about yet? Those connections are totally murky.

ep 5e.JPG

Ajummah: I hope we continue next week with finding out more about what’s going on with Bad Clone. How many clones are there? We saw that he was the little boy being experimented on and it was just 1 boy. Where did Good Clone come from? They seem to be about the same age but was Bad Clone a previous creation? Or was Good Clone first? Were they created at the same time? Will Bad Clone ever let Soo Yeon go? So many questions!

Kate: Yes, how many clones are there/were there? I was going to say that they both seem to be about mid-twenties, which would make them born around the time of the death of the original, but if they’re aging at an accelerated rate then the sky could be the limit. I guess there still are a lot of questions to answer. Let’s hope we get at least one major revelation next week.

How many clones are there?  Is Mi Rae the clone's "daughter" or are they fated to fall in love?  How did the scientists keep the body so pristine in the freezer for twenty-four years?  Do you have a theory?  Let us know what it is in the comments.

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